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When does Ty Borden die in Heartland? 

When does Ty die in Heartland
Heartland Ty Borden

At this point, Heartland is a living TV legend. With 14 successful seasons and an ensemble cast, Heartland is one of the best shows out there still and is ready to present even more in the future. However, Season 14 of the show started with heartbreak, as the leading actor of  Heartland Ty got killed, leaving his wife and children in sorrow. 

The precious part of the cast of Heartland “Ty Borden” was played by Graham Wardle. He was in the show since the beginning and was the love interest of Amy, played by Amber Marshall. After years of an on-and-off relationship, the two finally got married and had a little girl together. Thus, the fact that Ty got killed at the very time that we were about to watch the couple’s happiness for a while, made audiences worldwide furious on the issue.

In this article, we have collected all the information on Ty’s tragic death for you. Wipeout your tears and join us in mourning after our beloved Ty!

Heartland cast.

Heartland cast.

Heartland Series on Netflix

Heartland is the longest-running TV show in Canada. It is based on two sisters’ adventures on their ranch in Heartland after their mother’s death. They have a grandpa and a distant father. The heart drop of Heartland Ty joins the family at this point, as a troubled boy who has no family. He has instant chemistry with Amy and the two bond over their passion towards the horses. 

The show is also on our favorite streaming service, Netflix, available to millions of audiences across the globe. Up until 2021, Netflix was two seasons behind in releasing Heartland episodes. However, with the drop of Season 13, this has changed. 

The favorite couple of Heartland Ty and Amy with their daughter.

The favorite couple of Heartland Ty and Amy with their daughter.

What Season does Ty die in Heartland?

The apple of Heartland Ty died on the Season 13 finale. He suddenly collapsed due to a blood clot and died. Although he had a fatal illness back in Season 10, no one was expecting such a loss in Season 13. 

Graham Wardle was playing the part of Ty.

Graham Wardle was playing the part of Ty.

Will Ty Borden (Graham Wardle) be on Heartland Season 15?

Unfortunately no. After 13 years of the ranch of Heartland Ty is no longer a part of that world. This means that we, as the audience, will watch the mourning and survival struggles of Amy. Although we are not used to seeing her alone, Amy is one of the strongest characters in TV history, which amps up our hopes for her future. 

Borden family.

Borden family.

Heartland Seasons

The Heartland is on air since 2007. The show has 14 seasons without any break. It has 224 episodes in total so far.  In fact, it would be right to say that the actors of the series, including the now absent man of Heartland Ty, had grown up together with the show. 

Wardle expressed that he decided to leave Heartland to explore other things.

Wardle expressed that he decided to leave Heartland to explore other things.

The truth behind Ty’s departure from Heartland

In short, Wardle got bored with his role as Heartland Ty. He expressed that he decided to explore alternative options at this point in his life. Actually, he already started to have a podcast, which seems to be going strong so far. The good thing is, even though we, as the fans, were surprised by his sudden leaving of the show, for the showrunners and his colleagues, this wasn’t news at all.

Wardle informed everyone two years ago of his intention to leave the series, and thus the scenario has evolved in this way gradually. As his on-screen partner and off-screen friend, marshall expressed her support for Wardle’s decision, stating that she respects his desire for change.

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  8. Debbie daugherty

    April 13, 2022 at 4:14 am

    I was devastated they killed off Ty! Please bring him back! Do a “Bobby Ewing” and Ty’s death was just a dream! 😱he was such a main character on this show! Get him back!

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