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How Many Episodes in Season 14 of Heartland? 

Heartland episode guide

Back in January, one of our favorite long-lasting TV shows, Heartland, came off with its Season 14. The airing of this new season pleased us, the fans all around the world as the quality of the series was still top-notch, even after 14 long years. Despite losing one of its main characters and having major changes in the plotlines, Heartland Season 14 episodes do not fail to meet the expectations. 

Heartland Season 14 episodes start with an emotional collapse and continue to revolve around many sentimental ups and downs, turning into a rollercoaster of feelings. The entire season is intimate, heart-warming, drama, and surprises. Our favorite leading lady Amy Fleming, played by Amber Marshall, struggles to face the loss of her husband, Ty Borden, played by Graham Wardle. However, she gradually re-emerges from the mourning as one year has passed on Ty’s death. 

Amy’s rising from her ashes on a phoenix-like transformation is not only inspiring but also evocative. In this article, we have listed all the 10 Heartland Season 14 episodes for you, providing a brief episode guide on what to expect from each. If you are eager to know more about the Season 14 of Heartland before binge-watching it or simply want to remember what had happened throughout the season, just keep on reading! 

Ty and Amy together in Heartland.

Ty and Amy together in Heartland.

Heartland Season 14 Episodes List

Heartland Season 14 episodes consist of 10 chapters, each one is 60-minutes long. Up until 2019, each season of the heartland -except for the first season- had 18 episodes. However, since 2019, this number first dropped to 11 and then 10. However, this drop did not cause any less content or decay in quality. On the contrary, it provided a pleasing experience that provides satisfying content in a compact nature. 

Jack comforts Amy after Ty's death.

Jack comforts Amy after Ty’s death.

Heartland Season 14 Episode 1: “Keep Me In Your Heart”

The first episode of the Heartland Season 14 has a special place in our hearts as it marks the first time we see Amy after Ty’s death. In this episode, the beloved ranch owner is sad, still, a bit shocked, and yet quite strong, as always. The Heartland ranch seems to remain the same for the duration of the past year, as the Fleming family is still in mourning.

When it comes to the others in Hudson, life seems a bit more dynamic. The mayor of Hudson, Lou, faces some protests, finding it difficult to face the responsibilities and dark sides of being a mayor. Georgie, on the other hand, returns to Hudson with her boyfriend Quinn and after reuniting with Phoenix, reassesses her dream of the Olympics. 

Jack with Lou and Amy.

Jack with Lou and Amy.

Heartland Season 14 Episode 2: “The Last Goodbye”

In this Heartland Season 14 episode, we see a revival of Amy. As always, horses come to the rescue for Amy as she gradually puts herself together while helping a young girl to form a relationship with a horse. Yet, the process does not go as smoothly as she expected since the horse refuses to bow down. 

Tim and Jack, on the other hand, meet with Quinn and Jade and go on a cattle drive, which ends up in Jack’s revisiting some distressing memories. 

Lou’s struggle with her critics also continues throughout this episode. Thankfully, things eventually resolve during the Fall Harvest Festival. 

Lou, the mayor of Hudson.

Lou, the mayor of Hudson.

Heartland Season 14 Episode 3: “Making Amends”

As Amy comes around steadily, Ty’s mother, Lily shows up in the Heartland ranch. Since Amy is aware of Ty’s complicated relationship with his mother, she does not welcome the visit wholeheartedly. Still, Amy accepts to provide a helping hand to Lily in healing a racehorse. 

Lou, on the other hand, focuses on Hudson’s touristic value as a mayor and aims to turn the town into some kind of a resort. Yet, these ambitions of hers take a lot of her time, which is not welcomed by Amy. In need of her sister’s compassion and attention, Amy faces Lou and expresses her discomfort with Lou’s workaholic traits. 

This Heartland Season 14 episode ends with a mysterious explosion, covering the sky with black clouds. 

Amy and Lyndy in Heartland ranch.

Amy and Lyndy in Heartland ranch.

Heartland Season 14 Episode 4: “Through the Smoke”

One of the most action-filled Heartland Season 14 episodes, “Through the Smoke” is about a fire that broke out near Hudson, causing locals to save their loved ones from the flames and the smoke. 

A major burden is on Lou’s shoulders as she is responsible for the safety of everyone as the mayor of Hudson. She accelerates efforts to inform the locals while attempting to minimize the negative effects of the explosion. 

Amy, on the other hand, puts her attention on saving the horses and go to the rodeo grounds to evacuate the trapped horses. Meanwhile, Jack goes on to find a new girl in town who got lost in the forest. 

Amy supports her daughter Lyndy.

Amy supports her daughter Lyndy.

Heartland Season 14 Episode 5: “Outsiders”

A black stallion who was once rehomed by Amy lost a battle and was forced to leave his herd despite having injuries. Hearing about the case, Amy decides to find him and heal his injuries. 

Meanwhile, Lou has to confront an old rival who caused her to be fired from her previous job in New York. However, unlike Lou’s expectations, the woman does not want to continue their old rivalry and instead wants to make demands with her.

Tim Fleming, on the other hand, decides to rebuild the rodeo ground heavily damaged by the fire and organize fundraising to collect money for it.  

Jack and Lisa traveled together for Heartland Beef.

Jack and Lisa traveled together for Heartland Beef.

Heartland Season 14 Episode 6: “The New Normal”

In this Heartland Season 14 episode, more horses are forced to leave their herd with nowhere to go. Amy pulls up her slaves to find them a new home and agrees to host a clinic after a year-long break. Eventually, all five horses are bought by a therapy center. 

We witness the parenting struggles of Caleb, who receives reassurance from Peter on what a great father he is. Jack, on the other hand, becomes the spokesperson for Heartland Beef and has a road trip with Lisa.

Amy constantly supports her daughter Lyndy in Heartland Season 14 episodes after Ty's death.

Amy constantly supports her daughter Lyndy in Heartland Season 14 episodes after Ty’s death.

Heartland Season 14 Episode 7: “Courage”

This Heartland Season 14 episode is marked by the mother-daughter relationship between Amy and Lyndy. Despite going through a difficult period herself, Amy supports Lyndy in dealing with family troubles. 

Tim, on the other hand, attends a polo match to impress a crush of his and somehow manages to perform alright without humiliating himself. 

Meanwhile, Georgie and Quin return to Hudson with a major announcement. 

Jack with Lyndy.

Jack with Lyndy.

Heartland Season 14 Episode 8: “Changing gears”

Jack is reminded of some distressing memories after Caleb returns with a gift for Amy. After an emotional journey triggered by this gift-giving, Jack finally leaves the past behind and makes amends with his pain. 

Caleb also deals with his own issues as he has to decide between his career in the rodeo scene and providing for his family. 

Quinn and Georgie in Heartland.

Quinn and Georgie in Heartland.

Heartland Season 14 Episode 9: “Find Me in the Dark”

Quinn’s wealthy dad visits Heartland and expressed that he wants to get to know Georgie’s family, which does not please Quinn. Quinn questions his father’s true intentions in making this visit and clashes with him. 

The visit gains a different quality quickly as Quinn’s father offers a job to Amy and Quinn, both of whom declined.  

Amy tries to find an investment for a horse therapy center.

Amy tries to find an investment for a horse therapy center.

Heartland Season 14 Episode 10: “Staying the Course”

In the season finale, Heartland Season 14 episodes reach their peak point in quality. The horse therapy center loses an investment, which is a problem quickly resolved by Amy and a new friend of hers. Amy also revisits her dream of rebuilding a jumping course which was their passion project with Spartan that they worked on for years. 

Georgie, on the other hand, takes a big step toward her Olympic dream as she wins a horse show. 

Lou and Peter come together once again, discussing their old feelings for each other, hinting at they might reunite. 

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  3. Joyce

    October 6, 2021 at 7:18 pm

    I have binge watched all the seasons and was disappointed with season 14. Anyway I would love to see Ty come back and he and Amy continue with their lives. If he doesn’t come back I think a love interest would not be practical for Amy considering how socially awkward she is and developing a new love interest considering her connection to Ty would be long and tedious. Maybe she is satisfied having been in love and may want to pour that love into their daughter.

  4. Claudia Mota

    November 6, 2021 at 4:11 am

    Season 14 had me in tears many times and I am sad to see Ty leave the show. However, I can see that Amy may be moving on enough to possibly find a new love interest soon. Time will tell. I like that Katy had a bigger role this season too. Can’t wait until season 15 comes out!

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