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Welcome to Upcoming Season, the only source you need to be informed on the latest news on the entertainment sector!

Here, you can find anything you would like to know about your favorite shows, movies, and, of course, our beloved celebrities. From release dates to behind the scene secrets, it is our mission to dig deep into the darkest corners of the sector and provide you with the freshest and most accurate information possible!

Now that we established our mission, it is time to get a little bit more familiar with us:

We are a group of young people who are very much passionate about TV and cinema. Our enthusiasm for the sector is the key factor that brought us together and ended up in the formation of the Upcoming Season. Currently, we are operating through our website and YouTube channel, with plans to expand our horizon to other social media. 

If you are a devoted fan of movies, TV shows, and celebrities like us, you are in the right place because we are ready to discuss it all non-stop!

Thank you for your endless support!

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