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Does Mallory Come Back to Heartland?

Heartland Mallory poster.
Heartland Mallory poster.

The longest-running TV series of Canada, Heartland is on air for 14 seasons. Since the show has lasted for so long, it is expected by many to witness some major changes not only in the script and the plotline of the series but also in the cast. However, surprisingly, Heartland is blessed with a solid scenario and a stable cast for the most part, which we, as fans, love. In fact, when it comes to the names that left the show so far, only a few cast members come to mind. The gossipy neighbor of Heartland Mallory is one of them. 

Mallory Wells was played by Jessica Amlee and was one of the stables of the show for six seasons straight. Her leaving of the show upset fans worldwide, with an endless expectation of a comeback, which did not occur so far. Even the years continue to pass by, the young and fun part of Heartland Mallory remains a fan favorite. 

In this article, we have collected everything we know about the potential return of the beloved character to the show. If you are a fan of Heartland and miss those good, old days of the series, then keep on reading!

The transformation of Heartland Mallory throughout the years.

The transformation of Heartland Mallory throughout the years.

Heartland Mallory

In Heartland, Mallory was a young neighbor of the ranch. The actress who played the role, Amlee, was only 12 when the series got started. She played the part until she was 18, growing up in front of the camera.

Mallory was a little, crazy girl who was very close to the Flemings, owners of the Heartland ranch. Despite spending most of her time in Heartland Mallory actually was living nearby and just visiting Heartland ranch (to annoy its residents for the most part). She was raised in Alberta and moved to Nashville later on as her father decided to follow his dreams of having a career in music. Mallory also had a horse named Copper. 

Amy and Mallory in Heartland.

Amy and Mallory in Heartland.

One of her main character traits was being a very talkative person, especially when the topic revolves around gossip. She also had a pretty active love life during her time in the series. In Heartland, Mallory had her first crush on Ty, played by Graham Wardle. However, her attraction was platonic, as Ty was regarding her as a friend. Besides, there was a high age gap between the two, which was also effective in Ty’s lack of interest toward Mallory, apart from his already developed feelings for Amy, played by Amber Marshall. 

Despite having a crush on Ty, Mallory becomes very supportive of Amy in pursuing her feelings toward Ty. In fact, she pushes Amy to be open toward Ty, which eventually ends up in a dreamy relationship between Amy and Ty that was marked by marriage and a lovely daughter. 

Jack and Mallory at Season 10 of Heartland.

Jake and Mallory at Season 10 of Heartland.

Why Mallory Left Heartland? 

Other love interests of Heartland Mallory were Badger and Jake. Especially, her relationship with the cowboy Jake becomes a major plotline in the series in time. The relationship of the two also becomes useful in initiating Amlee’s left of the series in the Season 7 of the show. After confessing her feelings to him, Mallory and Jake decide to leave the town and move to Paris. 

The decision came upon Amlee’s desire to say goodbye to Heartland Mallory as a character. “I needed to challenge myself in other ways,” Amlee said later on regarding her decision. Even though she was following her other options as an actress, the fans were not very happy with the leaving of Heartland Mallory, looking forward to a return of the character to this day. 

Mallory during her revisit to Heartland ranch.

Mallory during her revisit to Heartland ranch.

Did Mallory Return to Heartland?

In Season 10, there was brief hope for Heartland Mallory to take a place in the show once again. However, the aspirations of us as the audience died pretty quickly as Mallory was present for only two episodes. Still, the fan-pleasing action of the producers paid off as millions welcomed the decision of seeing Amlee as Mallory again, even for a brief period of time. 

In Season 10 of Heartland Mallory appeared in episodes 13 and 14. The episodes focused on how Mallory has changed over the years. The triggering motivation for Heartland Mallory’s return was Jake’s proposal to her. She was not sure what to do with the move and cannot decide whether or not she was ready to take such a big step in her life. Thus, she made the decision to go back home, where she hoped to find more clarity. 

Lou and Mallory.

Lou and Mallory.

Although she tried to paint a very dreamy picture to her old friends at Heartland at first about her current life, in reality, everything was not as smooth as it seems in Paris. As Amy and others start to learn more about the reality of Mallory’s new life, Jake also returns to Heartland. The two talk about their problems and eventually decides to get married. 

Yet, as far as the Heartland Mallory is concerned, there is always a plot twist. At the engagement ceremony, she backed off from her decision to marry Jake and decided to move to London. Surprisingly, as they remain apart, the two realized how much they care for each other and came together once again. Mallory and Jake got married at the Heartland Ranch, alongside their old friends. 

Jack and Mallory get married in Season 10 of Heartland.

Jake and Mallory get married in Season 10 of Heartland.

Will Mallory Return in Heartland Season 15? 

After their heartwarming wedding, unfortunately, we do not hear from Mallory and Jake. Still, the fans’ demand for the return of Heartland Mallory is strong as ever. Each year, the audience welcomes the new season of Heartland with the hope of Mallory’s come back.

The latest of those hopes failed this year, as the Season 14 of the series had premiered. However, now, all eyes are on the Season 15 of Heartland. Yet, the producers of the show are still yet to make a statement on such expectations regarding Mallory’s return.  

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  2. MELANIE Houser

    September 6, 2021 at 3:02 am

    YES MISS HER SO MUCH AND THE Mallory we all love would have reached out to Amy after Tyes’s death

    • Bonny McNitt

      January 6, 2022 at 7:53 pm

      I love Mallory so much..she is so missed. Please come back Mallory….

  3. Deborah

    February 20, 2022 at 3:53 am

    The wrong name is used throughout this article. Jake, not Jack.

    • Kerem

      March 8, 2022 at 10:05 am

      Thanks for the correction, we adjusted.

  4. Marty

    April 28, 2022 at 8:00 pm

    I’m hoping she and Jake come back

  5. Fawn

    May 5, 2022 at 11:00 am

    She stinks!!!! She’s an idiot, whining, pain in the ass. She never shuts up , puts her nose in where it does not belong and is very immature.

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