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Heartland Tv Series vs Book: Does Heartland Follow The Books? 

Heartland Tv Series vs Book. Does Heartland Follow The Books
Heartland Tv Series vs Book. Does Heartland Follow The Books

Have you ever wondered whether Heartland is following the book, or not? Don’t worry, if you haven’t thought about it, we have thought about it for you. So, let’s start digging for it!

Heartland is the serial adaptation of the 26 book series that Lauren Brooke began publishing in 2000. Although Heartland tv series is not based on a true story, it is based on a written story. There are some differences and some similarities between books and tv series of Heartland. Let’s learn about them now.

Heartland Book Series

Heartland Book Series

Does Heartland Follow The Books? 

Firstly, there’s a difference in the location of the shooting. In the book, events take place 200 miles south of Virginia, USA, not Canada. The story of our main character, Ty Borden, is also different. In the book, Ty comes to the ranch to spend time after school, but then it becomes his full-time job. But in the show, we saw Ty Borden as a rebellious teenager and Marion hired him because he needed help. We think that Ty’s portrayal as a bad boy at the beginning of the series is one of the biggest differences between the series and the books.

We do not see some of the characters in the book in the series or some characters have been added to the series as a new character. Or, the life stories of the horses with the same name are the same. It’s just different in what order we watch them, and that’s a bit confusing for both readers and audiences of Heartland.

Heartland Book Series

Heartland Book Series

Most of the characters’ names remain the same. However, there are also some minor changes. Lou’s name is Louise Fleming in the book, while her name is Samantha Louise Fleming in the show. A small difference, but a difference all in all. The person who is busy at the Heartland’s Story Department says about the name changes: “Some of the names have been changed for clearance reasons. All this means is, we check to make sure we’re not using names that may come into conflict with real people and places. For example, we changed “Green Briar” to “Briar Ridge” because there is a real stable called Greenbriar.”

Moreover, the first season of Heartland is stories taken from the first 8 books of the Heartland book series. Some chapters have been altered or rewritten by using the imagination of the authors. We think that there are not enough books for 14 seasons already. So it’s perfectly acceptable to have differences between the series and the original book series of Heartland.

Besides, the series has more of a western vibe than a book. Maybe this is because we see their clothes and the places they live in visually in the tv series.

Heartland Book vs Tv Series

To sum up, the main theme is adhered to, but there are some character and plot changes in this series, which has adorned our screens for 14 seasons. That’s normal. Of course, we can not expect the book and the series to be exactly the same. Some places can be removed from the scenario, some characters can be changed. Because they both appeal to different mediums.

Does Heartland follow the books? Our answer is yes, it follows as the main plot, but of course, there are some differences. What is your answer to this question after what we have told you and after your own evaluations? We look forward to seeing your answers in the comments. Thanks for reading. See you in the next Heartland article!

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  1. Johan van Niekerk

    August 15, 2021 at 1:06 pm

    Which books cover season 14 & 15.Which books have not been used.

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  3. Rita Dyer

    January 25, 2022 at 2:07 pm

    I haven’t read any of the books, but I enjoy the tv series very much!

  4. Annie Reed

    September 3, 2022 at 11:29 pm

    Lou not marrying Scott in the TV show bothers me.
    Tim’s (I loathe him – he is a mooch) 3rd child should have not changed from Lily to Shane.
    These 2 are major changes.
    They change the whole story.
    I like the show but, not as much lately.
    Mostly because of Tim. I fast forward through all of his scenes.

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