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Graham Wardle, Ty Of Heartland – Coming Back, Or Not?

Ty Borden is coming back to Heartland or not?
Ty Borden is coming back to Heartland or not?

The question of Graham Wardle, Ty of Heartland, Coming Back, or Not? is one of the biggest questions on our minds about this romantic drama series. Yes, here we are again with your favorite tv series “Heartland”.

In the first episode of the last season of the series, we witnessed Ty’s death. And still, we can’t get through this situation. We know you think the same way we do. I wonder what Graham Wardle thinks of these requests of the audience. Could it be a case of coming back? If he returns, what path does the series follow? We have some predictions. Now it’s time to share these with you.

He said in an interview about his departure from the series: “I’ve been feeling this call to move on and trying to bargain with it and I have not made this decision lightly… the long and short of it is I’m following my heart and I don’t know where it’s leading me but that’s what life’s about.” As far as we can tell from these words, he seems to not move an inch. But will he be indifferent to the fact that Heartland fans are trying so hard to get him back? We’ll see.

Graham Wardle and Amber Marshall

Graham Wardle and Amber Marshall

What Happens If Ty Comes Back?

It was a pretty ridiculous idea to ruin this happy family as a family drama. That’s why we believe Graham Wardle should come back. How the series goes depends on how Ty returns. If all this is a dream, the scenario continues as if nothing has happened. Besides, this could be a death Amy set up in her own head. How’s she gonna raise her daughter Lyndy without Ty? The fact that she found herself thinking about it might be a way to get Graham Wardle back.

In the first episode of the fifteenth season, the scene of waking up from this dream would be a great start. We’re sure they will regain the audience they lost with Ty’s coming back to the Heartland. They shouldn’t miss that chance.

When Ty returns, Amy and Ty move into their new house, which they built, and we get this happy family portrait back. Because they had a love that we admired. In the first scene where we see Ty and Amy together in the new season, we’ll probably all burst into tears. If such a thing happens. We hope something like this happens.

Heartland Happy Family Portrait

Heartland Happy Family Portrait

What Happens If Ty Does Not Come Back?

If  Ty doesn’t come back, we’ll be as upset as you are. But let’s look at this situation positively. There are always sudden losses in life, and we can all keep in this situation. This drama could perhaps be a guide to how we deal with these sudden losses. It is very sad that Amy lost Ty, but it’s real and very common. By seeing how they continue their lives, people who have experienced sudden and great losses in their lives can be inspired by this series. They can even heal with their pain. Because you are the ones who know best how intertwined we are with the series and the emotions of the characters in the series.

We know most of you think Graham Wardle should come back. However, will Graham Wardle want to return? How likely do you think he will be back? What happens if he comes back, what happens if he doesn’t? The answers to these questions are still unclear. We hope everything will be the way you want it to be. But a statement on this issue will come later. So follow our website. We’re here to inform you.

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  3. Wanda

    July 3, 2021 at 5:06 pm

    I hope Ty comes back.If he don’t I will never watch Heartland again.

    • Rick Bridges

      July 9, 2021 at 11:33 pm

      I hear you. I found out that in season 14 he is supposed to pass away and really turned me off from the show.

      It has not been shown in the US yet.

      In all the shows today, people need a feel good show to watch and this was it for us.

      I will not watch this again unless he does come back.

      Sorry but that is how we and others who watched feel.

  4. michelle Michelle

    July 14, 2021 at 2:16 pm

    Amy has had enough sadness in her life losing her dad as a toddler, her mother as a teenage girl, and now Ty \. I think she has had enough misfortune in her short lifetime , so why not end this on a happy note with Ty returning.

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