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Which Episode did Ty Borden die? – Graham Wardle Heartland Facts!

Heartland Which Episode Ty Dies
Heartland Which Episode Ty Dies

Despite our affection toward Heartland, we will never forgive the show for killing Ty Borden on Heartland Season 14.

Our all-time favorite Canadian TV show is Heartland. At this point, we don’t think you are surprised to hear that. The show works as an antidepressant for the people who are sick of the stress of modern life. While we are getting exhausted from running between the office and home, the people in Heartland are blessed with the amazing landscape and a ranch life experience.

The show is taking place in Alberta, Canada, a heaven on earth that is known for its ranchers and country lifestyle. However, unlike any other country show, Heartland is not filled with action, local politics, or heavy drama.

Instead, the show is filled with genuinely good people dealing with the difficulties of everyday life. The show started with the death of Marion back in 2007. Marion was the daughter of Jack and the mother of Lou and Amy. By this point, her older daughter Lou was living in New York while her husband Tim was away for the past decade since he left his family. Marion’s death has been the main catalyzer of the show and set the plot for the rest of it. Her death brought the family back together, including the missing husband Tim.

Heartland Graham Wardle- Ty Borden

Heartland Graham Wardle- Ty Borden

Ty Borden Heartland

So, the family had to face their anger and resentment for each other while looking for a way to live together after all those years. Besides, before her death, Marion welcomed a teenage boy to the ranch as a worker since he was coming from a troubled family and required a place to live: Ty. Ty Borden has been a vital part of the show and even a part of the family as soon as he entered the scene. The fact that he was coming from an abusive family and had some kind of a shady past put him in a critical position as he had to prove himself all the time.

Thankfully, Ty Borden did not have to work hard to prove himself since he was already an amazing young boy who was looking for an opportunity in his life to make sure he will have a good life. And yes, he did achieve this goal. he not only became a brilliant rancher, but also an amazing boyfriend and then a husband that would privatize his family more than anything else in the world. His relationship with Amy has been the ultimate highlight of the show.

It was very obvious from the very beginning that these two were made for each other. So, as the fans, we found ourselves rooting for the couple at all times. Therefore, when Ty Borden died, we were not only upset because welts was a great character, but also a great couple that we were invested in for more than a decade.

Heartland Ty Borden

Heartland Ty Borden

Ty’s Death on Heartland Season 14

Ty died in the premiering episode of Season 14. The events that lead to his death, though, took place in the season finale of Season 13. He got shot at by an illegal hunter who was trying to kill a wolf. Ty Borden received surgical intervention as soon as possible and it seemed to have worked at first.

And yet, but the time we assumed things were fine and he will get better, things got worse than ever. Ty Borden died while he was taking care of his beloved horses, causing us all a major tragedy and shock. To this day, we are still trying to acknowledge his loss, as he was such a beloved and amazing character in the Heartland saga.

Do you think Ty needs to return to Heartland in one way or another? Do you like Heartland after his death?

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  2. Connie Jones

    September 1, 2022 at 3:51 pm

    I was sad at the character Ty Borden was eliminated. It’s too bad they didn’t write it in such a way that in time he could come back may not be the same actor but in a different light a little different light. Amy and Taya were the only two that weren’t turmoil were Lou is a basket case all the time and everything is about her her as well as Tim everything was about him him him. I like Heartland but it has nothing about God it has everything about superstitions and voodoo kind of stuff which doesn’t want me to let my children see it. And if you got teenagers always explaining to them were God fits in.
    Just to much of New age, Indian beliefs, rocks that are call me supposedly, but nothing about God, Jesus Etc.

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