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Who Plays Ty Borden on Heartland TV Series? – Graham Wardle News!

Heartland Graham Wardle
Heartland Graham Wardle

Heartland‘s Ty Borden must be the most iconic character in Canadian TV history. And yet, we know only a few things about the actor who plays the character, Graham Wardle.

As far as picking a favorite actor goes, we are horrible at it. There are so many talented actors not only in Hollywood but also across the world that we cannot help but fall for almost all of them.

Sometimes, they play a hopeless lover and we cannot believe that a man can be so unapologetically in love. Sometimes, they play an anti-hero and we cannot believe we develop a crash on such a problematic human being. Sometimes, they play a hero and we say that’s the man anyone would want to be saved by. Sometimes, they play just a simple man having a simple daily routine and we are ensured that daily life is not as boring as it sounds.

Why do these actors make such an impact on us? Well, the key is in their ability to capture the soul of the character they are playing. Their god-given gift and hard work pay off in playing such characters, as we start to lose the line between reality and fiction. Sometimes, it reaches a point that we start to believe the actors share similar personalities with their respective characters, which makes no sense, of course, but we cannot help it.

Ty Borden in Heartland

Ty Borden in Heartland

Ty Borden was the Best Character on Heartland

When it comes to shows like Heartland, things got a little bit more tricky since the show has been going on for almost two decades and the cast of it remained intact for more than a decade. Naturally, it is often difficult to differentiate the part from the actor, especially when it comes to the characters that are highly beloved by the fans, including Ty Borden and the actor who plays the part, Graham Wardle.

Ty Borden was one of the most popular characters on Heartland during the first 14 years of the show until he died. He was a lonely boy when he first came to Heartland as he had no proper family or a place to stay. But, when the Heartland family reached out, he got the chance to revive and start to build a life for himself. he has become an instant fan favorite as he was perfect in every way, shape, or form.

Heartland Season 14 Ty Borden, Amy Fleming and Their Daughter Lyndy

Heartland Season 14 Ty Borden, Amy Fleming and Their Daughter Lyndy

Who is Ty Borden?

He was good-looking, kind, talented at taking care of the horses, had a special interest in becoming a true rancher, ambitious to go back to school and become a vet, a very loving man with a huge heart, and a great husband. His treatment of Amy was especially charming since the way he looks at her was enough alone to show how much he cared for her. The couple’s on-screen chemistry was top-notch and we believe the acting had a great part in delivering such a complicated aura.

Graham Wardle and Ty Borden

Graham Wardle and Ty Borden

Who is Graham Wardle?

At this point, we have to mention the actor who was portraying Ty Borden, Graham Wardle. Graham Wardle is a 35 years old Canadian actor who has been in the acting business since the early ages of his life. He is originally from British Colombia and had five siblings growing up. Despite he has shined through acting, he is very knowledgeable on film making in general as he studied at the Motion Picture and Production Program at Capilano University.

The part that made Graham Wardle fall in love with acting was in the movie In the Land of Women, where he starred alongside Meg Ryan and Adam Brody. Then, being cast at Heartland has changed his life completely. Suddenly, he has become a household name in Canada. He played the part of Ty for 14 years and then, decided to look for other adventures in life. Currently, he is a podcaster. 

Do you consider Graham Wardle a talented actor? Do you think he should return to the acting business? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to like, subscribe and share the video. Thank you for watching, see you soon!

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