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Theo James’ Departure From Sanditon

Theo James’ Departure From Sanditon
Sanditon Season 2 and 3 Renewed but will Theo James Return to Sanditon

Theo James’ departure from the series is so devastating for Sanditon lovers. As you know, Theo James will not return to Sanditon. So, what could be the reason Theo James’ departure from Sanditon? Let’s start talking about it.

Theo James’ departure is not good for Sanditon fans that Theo James is leaving from the show. The last scene of the first season was quite disappointing for us, and in addition to that, this news ruined us and Sanditon.

In the final scene, we witnessed both their confession of love and their separation. Sanditon lovers never expected such an end. At the same time, we would not have expected that their breakup would lead to a decision to leave this series for Sidney.

Theo James’ Departure From Sanditon

Theo James’ Departure From Sanditon

On the contrary, we believed that in other seasons they could somehow solve this family fortune issue, and when the news of the second and third seasons came, we almost believed that they would make peace and that this love would continue.

Initially, it would not be the second season of Sanditon due to having few audiences. Later, we received the news that the second and third seasons of the series will be coming under the influence of Sanditon lovers. We were all delighted by this news until we got the news that Theo James’ departure, our handsome character on the show, Sidney Parker, was leaving the show.

What Could Be The Reason Of Theo James’ Departure?

Theo James' words about his departure

Theo James’ words about his departure

Theo James’ words about his departure were: “Although I relished playing Sidney, for me, I’ve always maintained that his journey concluded as I wanted it to. The broken fairy-tale-like ending between Charlotte and Sidney is different, unique and so interesting to me and I wish the cast and crew of Sanditon every success with future series.”

As far as we can tell from these words, the reason he chose to leave the Sanditon tv series is completely related to himself. We don’t think there’s a problem with the series, Rose Williams or the producers of Sanditon. We’d be a lot more upset if he left the show because of a problem.

Theo James-Sidney Parker

Theo James-Sidney Parker

In addition, we have some guesses as to the reasons for Theo James’ departure from the series. He may have received an offer from another series. Yeah, most of us know him with this series, but after he’s introduced himself enough to us, he might want to continue his movie life with another series. It’s his natural right but a little selfishness.

Or he might actually think that such an end could be closer to life, as he says. In real life, situations like this can happen. You may have to give up the love of your life for a reason. Perhaps he thinks it would be much better for the audience to watch Charlotte lead a life in absence of Sidney, her love.

Theo James in Sanditon

Theo James in Sanditon

He may think that dealing with such a situation or watching the healing process from the end of such a great love will be much more beneficial for people. Because a lot of people can lose someone who’s the love of their life in real life. And it may be more exciting to watch Charlotte continue her life after Sydney, or other loves enter her life.

Why do you think Theo James’s departure from this romantic drama? Do you agree with our thoughts? Or do you think there is another reason? Because we are just as curious about the exact answers to these questions as you do. In the coming days, we can get answers to these questions from Theo James. And I assure you, as soon as we find out, we will share these answers with you. So all you have to do is follow our website and don’t miss what we’ve written. Thanks for reading. See you soon!

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1 Comment

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