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Differences and Similarities Between Sanditon And Bridgerton

Differences Between Sanditon And Bridgerton
Differences Between Sanditon And Bridgerton

Have you ever thought about the differences between Sanditon and Bridgerton? Both of these shows are favorites of ours and there is a reason behind why we thing they are very comparable to one another. Since they both are period dramas based on popular novels, we believe there are a lot in common between the two.

In fact, we often struggle to decide which one is better and which universe that we would like to be in. Therefore, we believe it is crucial to make a compelling list about what makes each series unique to itself. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the romantic worlds of Sanditon and Bridgerton and see which one is best for you!

Similarities Between Sanditon And Bridgerton

Differences Between Sanditon And Bridgerton

Similarities Between Sanditon And Bridgerton

First of all, Sanditon and Bridgerton are both set in the Regency era. Regency era is a unique period on the British history. Started in 1811, the period refers to the time when Georgie 3 was regarded unfit for the rule and thus, his son acted upon him as the regent prince. This period is known for its peculiar life style that is marked by high society’s inclination to fashion, romance and modernity.

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The high society of the era was known forits strict rules in life, especially regarding intra-society relations. For instance, it is regarded disrespectful to address people before being introduced to them. Or, a heavy courtship period is considered to be a must before deciding to marry someone. Also, balls and other social gatherings were an essential part of the every day life as beauty and nature were highly appreciated by the elite.



Besides, both shows are based on the highly acclaimed novels of successful female authors. Sanditon is a series based on the unfinished novel by Jane Austen. Bridgerton series is based on the novel by Julia Quinn. Of course, Austen’s Sanditon is a classic by this point. Also, itis crucial to underline that when Austen was writing her novels, they were not considered as historical romances but instead,were simply contemporaries since Austen was literally living in that era. In Quinn’s case, however, there is an imagination of the past as she is a modern author that is enthusiastic about the regency period.

Another important similarity is the overall aesthetic of the two shows. Since they are taking place in the Regency Era, their fashion style is very similar to one another. They are both romantic, filled with pastel colors and soft but also intriguing ornaments. Both shows place high importance in the nature and the landscape with a top notch cinematography. They spend a lot of time in simply hanging around, having picnics and conducting intellectual conversations.

Last but certainly notleast, both series are very romance heavy. Even though the characters in both series are far from being one dimensional and have a lot going on in their lives, we have to admit that without the element of romance, these shows wouls have been blank plates.

Differences Between Sanditon and Bridgerton



Perhaps the biggest difference between these two shows is their apprach to historical facts. Sanditon, as a piece that was written within the Regency Era, is pretty accurate when it comes to the historical facts. Since the shows creators are highly respectful of Austen’s original piece, they also did not make any substantial changes when adapting the novel to the screen. Therefore, when we are watching Sanditon, we know that these things could have truly have happened back in the day.

On the other hand, Bridgerton is far from being historically accurate. Even though it takesits inspiration from ther Regency Era and the period dramas in general, the novel is a re-imagination of the period through a modern mind. What do we mean by that? Well, it means that we got to have very modern romance tropes instead of wholesome and pretty uptight romance of the real Regency Era.

Don’t get us wrong, Sanditon has its fair share of romance and sexuality even. However, the latter is being conducted behind the doors as it is regarded as a thing to be private and even shameful at times. In Bridgerton though, there is a true sexual liberation as if the show is set after the 1960s. Couples get together constantly and make love with one another openly, as sexuality is regarded as a natural part of the life.

Differences Between Sanditon And Bridgerton

Differences Between Sanditon And Bridgerton

Another important difference is the racial diversity of the two shows. Now, Sanditon has a pretty considerably racial diversity for an average period drama that has the intention to be historicall accurate. Since it is accurate though, the race is a tough subject within the show that is often adressed. There is heavy prejudice, and emphasis on the uniqueness of the case of heaving black people within the British high society at the time.

In Bridgerton though, there is a very impressive racial diversity and it is regarded as the most normal thing in the world, as it should be. Race is not an issue within the universe of Bridgerton, as the show pretends like Regency Era was very inclusive in every aspect. The interesting thing though, is the fact that the novel of Bridgerton has no racial diversity. This is simply the twist of the Netflix series on the original material, which we highly appreciate.

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