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Release Date

Sanditon Season 3 Release Date, Trailer, Theo James

Sanditon Season 3 Release Date
Sanditon Season 3 Release Date

If you are a period drama, we bet you have already completed Sanditon Season 2 and is looking for Sanditon Season 3 to be released.

Who wouldn’t love some period drama? Especially if you have been raised reading Jane Austen books, there is no way that you are not extremely fond of period drama productions. Whether as a TV show or movie, we love to dive into the world of the 19th century and romanticize the lives of the people of the era. Their aesthetic is the one that attracts us the most. It is heavily pastel, very clean but also highly glamorous.

On the one hand, they are very pure in their sugar-filled environment with lots of art, long walks, and endless talks. On the other hand, they don’t hesitate to show off their wealth through grand feasts and parties where courting takes the stage and we witness some heavy flirting in between youthful dancing. There are a lot of movies and TV shows that we can recommend to you.

But, recently, one show takes the center stage by being unique, and creative but also capturing all the aspects of a true period drama. Yes, we are referring to no other than our one, true and most recent love: Sanditon. Sanditon has been the number one period drama for the lovers of the genre over the past few years.


Sanditon Season 2 Release Date

Sanditon Season 2 Release Date

What is Sanditon About?

Premiered back in 2019, the series has brought a fresh breast of air to the period drama scene since it was taking the traditional features of its predecessors while adding a lot of new qualities to them. Based on the unfinished work of Jane Austen, the show also attracted viewers through its ambiguous ending as we don’t have a novel ending to base the scenario on. So, since its premiering day, we have been eagerly waiting to see what will happen to Charlotte and whom she will end up with. Now that we said goodbye to Sanditon Season 2, it is time to eye on Season 3 to see that highly expected finale. 

Will Charlotte and Sidney End Up Together in Sanditon?

Sanditon Charlotte

Sanditon Charlotte

Sanditon is taking place in a seaside English town that is regarded to be the next vacation hub for the British elite by its locals. With such passionate and hardworking locals, Sanditon soon turns into a place of construction as it goes under massive renovation work. Then, a young farm girl named Charlotte finds herself there as a guest of a local family. In Sanditon, Charlotte makes friends, falls in love, witnesses town gossip, and learns about life in general. Season 2 ended on a bit of an ambiguous note after we watched Charlotte struggling between two men for the entire season.

Charlotte and Sidney Love Story

Charlotte and Sidney

Sanditon Season 3

Even though the story leads to a place, we are still not certain if Charlotte has made the right choice and whether she is over Sidney Parker. Sidney was played by Theo James back in Season 1 and he was the first love of Charlotte’s life. Even though their feelings were mutual, he had to leave her to save his brother’s business. Still, we expect him to return to the show in Sanditon Season 3 to make sure Charlotte is over him and is ready to move on with her life. We expect Sanditon Season 3 to be released around March 2023 with a trailer that hits the internet around February 2023.

Who would you like to see Charlotte with? Do you think she deserves a happy ending? Do you like Sanditon as a show or would you prefer other Austen adaptations over it? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to like, subscribe and share the video. Thank you for watching, see you soon!

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  1. Judy Adams

    May 2, 2022 at 11:52 pm

    Charlotte should end up with Sidney. No one else.

  2. Coralann Elliott

    May 5, 2022 at 1:13 pm

    I’m confused I thought Sidney had passed away

  3. Carole Nelson

    August 3, 2022 at 5:52 pm

    I want to see her end up with Sidney.

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