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Sanditon Season 2 – Where to watch Jane Austen’s TV Adapted Series

Sanditon Season 2 – Where To Watch Jane Austen’s TV Adapted Series
Sanditon Season 2 – Where To Watch Jane Austen’s TV Adapted Series

Jane Austen’s unfinished, yet still acclaimed last novel, Sanditon, has been stretching its influence to the 21st century through a TV show that gathered millions of fans since it initially aired back in 2019. Following the adventures of Austen’s spirited and sensible character Charlotte Heywood, played by Rose Williams, in a seaside town during the British Regency period, Sanditon is a series revolving around the exciting combination of mystery and romance.

While amazing many period drama enthusiasts around the globe, the show’s Season 1 ending left us not only heartbroken but also curious about an undesired break-up between Charlotte and her love interest Sidney Parker, played by Theo James, took place. The fact that Austen, who died from an unknown disease while working on the novel, never had the chance to complete her vision contributed to our unease with this sorrowful ending.

A poster of Jane Austen's TV adaptation Sanditon.

A poster of Jane Austen’s TV adaptation Sanditon.

Besides, the series also got canceled by ITV, where it was originally aired, only to be saved by the PBS later on thanks to its success with the American audience. Back on May 6, PBS announced that Sanditon will have 2nd and 3rd seasons, giving the series yet another chance to have a happy ending.

Now, Season 2 is on the way, as the cast is revealed to have had their first script read-through on July 7. One question, however, lingers in mind: Where will the show be aired?

Where can I watch the TV show Sanditon?

The beloved show’s Season 2 will be aired on the PBS’ Masterpiece Theater streaming service, where the U.S. audience has fallen in love with the series in the first place. PBS will be responsible for streaming the series in the U.S. and Canada. However, the distribution of the series through the globe will be handled by BBC International and is expected to reach 176 countries.

A scene from Sanditon, where the leading characters of the show Charlotte and Sidney dance in a ball.

A scene from Sanditon, where the leading characters of the show Charlotte and Sidney dance in a ball.

Where can I watch Sanditon’s new episodes free?

Due to its ownership by the streaming services, unfortunately, Sanditon cannot be watched freely for now. Still, Masterpiece occasionally – usually during Christmas – enables users to enjoy the platform free for a week or so, which can be a great opportunity to watch the beloved period drama without paying any subscription fees.

It is also possible to stream the show freely after the premiere of each episode when they are on air. Although there is no streaming of new episodes of the show, for now, we can expect its Season 2 to be aired in Spring 2022.

A scene from Sanditon where women of the town walk on the seaside.

A scene from Sanditon where women of the town walk on the seaside.

Will Sanditon be on Netflix?

Although it breaks our heart to say it, regrettably, Sanditon is currently not on Netflix, with no sign of streaming it in the future –  at least for now.

Where can I watch Sanditon in the UK?

After the cancellation of the show by ITV, British fans were surprised as they were more than eager to have multiple seasons of the period drama. After the PBS announced the renewal of the show with two more seasons confirmed, all eyes turned on ITV to see whether or not the channel will step back from its decision. It is confirmed that the upcoming episodes have already been obtained by ITV. However, BritBox will be the one that streams the upcoming episodes of the period drama.

Sanditon's leading character Charlotte, a lively and intelligent young woman.

Sanditon’s leading character Charlotte, a lively and intelligent young woman.

Where can I watch Sanditon in Australia?

In Australia, Sanditon can be watched on multiple streaming services. Season 1 of the series is currently available on Binge, ABC iview, and Foxtel Now. The further seasons are expected to be streamed at these services as well.

Can you buy Sanditon on DVD?

Yes! You can purchase all eight episodes of Sanditon Season 1 on DVD and BluRay, which are both available on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, and more. The show’s Season 2 is expected to be released on DVD as well, after its initial streaming on various services.

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