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7 Best Heartland Couples Ranked – Heartland Ty and Amy!

Best Heartland Couples Ranked
Best Heartland Couples Ranked

Among the Heartland couples, it’s not easy to choose the best one. Sometimes we look at them to find in them something similar to us, and sometimes to see a real romance because we’re tired of our bad relationships. In either case, for most of us, the Heartland couples are the reason we follow the series. Each of their stories, experiences, and relationship dynamics are different, but they all teach something to us. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the relationship histories of the 7 best Heartland couples.

1) Ty and Amy

Best Heartland Couples Ranked - Ty and Amy

Ty and Amy

Remember how Ty and Amy confessed their love and started a relationship in Season 2 when they spent the weekend together? We think they managed to become one of the best Heartland couples. After all, Ty was Amy’s biggest supporter and they went through a lot.

Besides the external difficulties that life brought them, they also had internal problems in their relationship. For example, when they adopted Merlin (the foul found by Scott and brought to Heartland), they started to argue about their different approaches. Nevertheless, against all odds, Ty and Amy remained passionately in love with each other until he unexpectedly passed away.

2) Jack and Lisa

Best Heartland Couples Ranked - Jack and Lisa

Jack and Lisa

Remember the first date of this one of the most adorable couples among the Heartland couples, when Lisa invited Jack to look at a horse she wanted to buy and they’d a picnic afterwards? Although Lisa’s dynamic lifestyle was sometimes a challenge to their relationship, the couple seemed happy together most of the time. Unfortunately, though, they broke up in Season 6 after Jack visited Lisa in France.

Nevertheless, Lisa came to Heartland after a long absence and they got married at the end of Season 7, although at that time they decided to live separately.

When Lisa’s business ran into trouble in Season 11, she struggled to keep Fairfield afloat and all her employees employed, which she hid from Jack. However, she eventually revealed her problems and asked him to live with him at Heartland, which he gladly accepted.

3) Tim and Jessica

Best Heartland Couples Ranked - Tim and Jessica

Tim and Jessica

When it comes to Heartland couples, it’s not possible not to mention Tim and Jessica. In Season 15, Tim and Jessica were worried about Jessica’s health when she returned from her New York trip. However, it turned out that there was nothing to worry about since Jessica’s cancer didn’t return. But it was nice to see Tim supporting Jessica during this process.

After all the problems they’d, the couple finally got married in Season 15 Episode 6, which was our favorite thing about this season. Although Jessica initially declined a party, she came to the conclusion that a modest family wedding wouldn’t be so terrible. So the couple happily strode down the aisle with all the loved ones around them.

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4) Tim and Marion

Best Heartland Couples Ranked - Tim and Marion

Amy at Marion’s graveside.

Tim was married to Marion, Jack’s daughter, until she tragically died in an accident in Season 1, Episode 1. Tim had an accident while bulldogging and took pills to recover. As a result, Jack kicked Tim out of the family. So he buried himself in alcohol and stayed away from the family for 10 years. After Marion’s death, he began working on Big River, a neighboring ranch to Heartland, and later bought it.

Marion Fleming Heartland

Marion Fleming

Tim was a lone wolf after losing his wife until he met Jessica. We’d thought all along that Tim would end up alone, but it was good for him that he finally found someone who loved him dearly. And he also reconciled with the Bartlett family.

5) Lou and Peter

Best Heartland Couples Ranked - Lou and Peter

Lou and Peter

Unfortunately, Lou and Peter started to have problems in their marriage in Season 8. As much as they tried to make things right, in Season 10 they officially divorced. Still, Peter was always there for Lou and the girls, no matter what happened. We’ve to admit that of all the Heartland couples, after Ty and Amy, Lou and Peter were the ones who broke our hearts the most. That’s why we always wished they’d get back together. Luckily, they reconciled in Season 15, right before Lou planned to marry Mitch.

6) Lou and Mitch

Best Heartland Couples Ranked - Lou and Mitch

Lou and Mitch

When Mitch first appeared in Heartland as a new ranch hand, many fans hoped that he and Lou would end up together like Amy and Ty. They got together in Heartland‘s 10th season, shortly after Lou and Peter’s divorce papers were signed. Throughout the series, the couple experienced ups and downs. However, when they bought a ranch together in Season 13, many fans believed that they’d end up together. In Season 14, they even got engaged, but at the end of the season, they broke up again.

7) Lou and Scott

Best Heartland Couples Ranked - Lou and Scott

Lou and Scott

During the 1st season of Heartland, Lou and Scott had a romantic relationship and everyone liked them as a couple. Nevertheless, their relationship started to break up when Scott rejected Lou’s proposal in Season 2. Later, it turned out that Scott regretted turning down the proposal, but it was too late for them. In Season 11, Episode 13, they’d an intimate moment, but they decided to remain friends. They are probably the most unhappy pair among the Heartland couples.

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