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All the Animation to Watch in Netflix’s Geeked Week 2022

All the Animation to Watch in Netflix’s Geeked Week 2022
All the Animation to Watch in Netflix’s Geeked Week 2022

Netflix’s Geeked Week animations met us on Wednesday with news and images we have not seen before. Couldn’t you watch it? Have no fear, we bring you the news from Geeked Week about popular animations.

While Geeked Week continues at full throttle, it is meeting with us with exciting developments and surprise topics about all kinds of series, movies, and animation content. Geeked Week, which will end on Friday, June 10, has devoted its Wednesday to animations. Presented by Ella Purnell, Tiffany Smith, and Juju Green, the animation day was full of fun and excitement.

Let’s get informed about Netflix’s Geeked Week animations news, premieres, and trailers, that is, all kinds of content!

Love, Death and Robots

The first production we will share news about is of course Love, Death and Robots from Netflix’s Geeked Week animations. Different episodes of the production, which have been in our lives since 2019, were created by famous producers Joshua Donen, David Fincher, Jennifer Miller, and Tim Miller. The 3rd season of Love, Death and Robots met with us on May 20 and we talked for hours about each episode.

So how did Geeked Week animation day make us smile? It gave us behind-the-scenes footage! After watching this video, you can show off to your friends who do not know how these scenes were shot:

The Dragon Prince

Of course, Netflix Geeked Week animation day also informed us about The Dragon Prince! We were very afraid that the animated series, which we watched with pleasure with its 3 seasons of 9 episodes, would not have a new season because no news about it had been announced until now. We would be very sad to see a production with an 8.4 rating on IMDb come to an end.

However, that did not happen! Here are the first images from the opening scene from The Dragon Prince season 4:


A Netflix Geeked Week animation day is unthinkable without Arcane! To remind you, the animated series, which is indispensable for League of Legends fans, met with us on November 6 last year with its first season. We were expecting sequels about the Arcane universe because it was so popular, but there was no news yet. And then Arcane: Bridging the Rift comes along! This production, which will meet with us in August, will provide us with an idea of ​​how the Arcane universe was created:

Inside Job

We were wondering when Inside Job, where we witnessed the adventures of a team that met us last year and fought with conspiracy theories, would return with its 2nd season. While we were waiting for the 2nd season, it gave the good news that the 1st season will come with part 2!

Here are the first images from Inside Job season 1, part 2, published on Netflix Geeked Week animation day:


Exception is an animated series that has not met us yet, but that we are eagerly awaiting. It contains both space and will scare us. In this series, we will see technology develop in unexpected ways and a 3D printer will do unexpected things. Thanks to this printer, humanity is starting life on a new planet. But will this really be useful?

Here are the Exception photos are shown on Netflix Geeked Week animation day:




Looking for a new animation in both sci-fi and comedy genres? Then Farzar will come for you! In Farzar, we will follow the brave Prince Fichael and the S.H.A.T team as they fight the aliens that have invaded a city and will bring the end of humanity.

This production, created by the creators of the legendary Paradise PD, seems to make a lot of talk about it. The first trailer of Farzar met with us on the day of the Netflix Geeked Week animation:


Geeked Week Moonrise


Our last good news is Moonrise, the new animated series that will join us! We saw its poster for the first time on the Netflix Geeked Week animation day and it was enough to pique our interest. Moonrise was written by Tou Ubukata and will meet with us through Masashi Koizuka and WIT STUDIO.

In this series, which is like a trailer from the future, people live both on the moon and on the earth. But the earth and the moon are not at peace. A young man from Earth who wants to be involved in this war stumbles upon one of his former best friends among his enemies on the Moon!

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