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Yellowstone Season 4 Theories: Will There Be A Time Jump?

Yellowstone Season 4 Theories: Will There Be A Time Jump?
Yellowstone Season 4 Theories: Will There Be A Time Jump?

After the third season, which ended with cliffhangers, can we open Yellowstone Season 4 with a time jump?  With the help of flashbacks, we have the opportunity to see the true inside story in the series, and there are no question marks left in our minds. So could such a thing happen? If so, what can we learn by going back in time with the flashbacks? Let’s brainstorm about this!

With all three Dutton family members on the verge of death, the fact that Yellowstone Season 4 is full of flashbacks would be great for understanding things better. Although we are sure that they will not die, we are very curious about who carried out or could do this attack to them. Some tips can help us with this and opening the new season with flashbacks will go deeper into the events and increase the pleasure we get from the series.

Flashbacks In Yellowstone Season 4

Yellowstone Beth Jamie Dutton

Yellowstone Beth and Jamie Dutton

So, what can we learn with flashbacks? At the end of the third season, perhaps the person who will get the biggest wound is very likely to be Beth. Because a bomb went off at Beth’s elbow in her office. Maybe we can see her in a coma, and we can see her dreams when she’s in a coma as flashbacks. For example, we can find out why Beth hates Jamie Dutton so much. We know that Beth got pregnant when she was young and Jamie forced her to have an abortion, but it would be much better to find out the inside of the incident with scenes that will show us.

Yellowstone Season 4 Beth and Evelyn

Yellowstone Season 4 Beth and Evelyn

Or we could have a chance to learn about Beth’s childhood with Evelyn and the effects her relationship with her mother had on her personality. In this way, we can understand her behavior much better. Of course, we think for sure that she will come out of her coma and live.

Another possibility is to learn about Rip’s tragic past and how they met John Dutton. We’re very curious about how Rip came into John’s life. A flashback showing this will satisfy our curiosity. Also, we can go to the first moment Rip and Beth saw each other at the ranch.

Yellowstone Season 4 John Dutton Rip

Yellowstone Season 4 John Dutton and Rip

It would be really great to have a time jump like this to better understand the relationships in the series, wouldn’t it? What do you guys think about that? Are there scenes you’re curious about and want to see? We look forward to your answers. Don’t forget to follow our page to see more Yellowstone Season 4 news. Stay with us for more. Thanks in advance. See you soon!

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