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Yellowstone John Dutton and Summer Higgins Love Story

Yellowstone John Dutton and Summer Love Story
Yellowstone John Dutton and Summer Love Story

In Yellowstone, John Dutton is the patriarch of the Yellowstone ranch and is mostly known as the lonely man of the Paramount’s show. Despite the fact that we witness him having an affair with Lynelle Perry, the Governor of Montana in the first three seasons, John Dutton is not deeply in love with Lynelle. After all, they are not Romeo and Juliet.

At the beginning of the show, the loss of his wife leaves John Dutton deeply lonely and makes it difficult for him to move on for a long time, and he seems to be enjoying a trivial affair with Lynelle without attachment. However, it’s possible that we watch  John Dutton and Summer’s love story in the next season of Yellowstone.

Yellowstone John Dutton and Summer Love Story

Yellowstone, although being a Western show, also depicts romantic relationships to the audience. Aside from Kayce and Monica’s romantic relationship, John Dutton’s love life has become one of the key concerns of the 4th season. Apart from his casual affair with Lynelle Perry, we haven’t witnessed John Dutton having a passionate relationship with a woman. However, after meeting Summer Higgins in the 4th season of Yellowstone John Dutton may be ready to reopen his heart for a woman.

Who is John Dutton’s Wife in Yellowstone?

Yellowstone John Dutton's Wife

Yellowstone John Dutton’s Wife

John Dutton is married to Evelyn Dutton in Yellowstone. Kayce, Beth, and Lee are the couple’s three children, and they also adopted Jamie after his mother was murdered by his father. Unfortunately, Evelyn and John Dutton’s love did not get the chance to remain forever because Evelyn tragically died at the beginning of the show. As a result, we only get to see her in flashbacks, whereby we learn that she died in a horse accident while riding with Kayce, Jamie, and Beth. Evelyn’s horse fell down after being startled by Beth’s horse, and Evelyn died soon after. Beth was traumatized by the incident and blamed herself for her mother’s death for startling Evelyn’s horse.

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Summer Higgins Yellowstone

Yellowstone John Dutton and Summer Love Story

Summer Higgins Yellowstone

Summer Higgins first appeared in the 5th episode of the most recent season of Yellowstone. She is a Montana-based environmental and animal rights activist who speaks out against industrialized farming and animal slaughter. In the first episode she appears, she is arrested for making a protest. Despite throwing rocks at Kayce, John Dutton bails her out and offers her a job at the Yellowstone Ranch. Mind you, Summer is the total opposite of Duttons. She doesn’t really have any common points with John Dutton. They support opposite political parties, and their viewpoints on the environment and ranches are dramatically diverse.

The character of Summer Higgins in Yellowstone is played by the 45-year-old actress Piper Perabo. She is a real-life activist who works for women’s and LGBT rights. Since 2014, Perabo has been married to Stephen Kay, one of Yellowstone‘s directors and producers.

Does John Dutton Marry Summer Higgins in Yellowstone?

No. In Yellowstone John Dutton does not marry Summer Higgins. She is a challenging love interest for John. They hook up, but Beth draws out a knife to Summer when she runs into her in the kitchen. Summer’s decision to spend the night with John on the ranch reflects Beth’s reaction to being near to a woman who threw rocks at Kayce and opposes their worldview. Summer seems to become a thorn in Dutton’s side in the next episodes.

Yellowstone John Dutton and Summer Love Story

Yellowstone John Dutton and Summer Love Story

Summer is much younger than John Dutton, in addition to the fact that they have little in common. Given this, we don’t think their relationship will transform into a passionate love affair. In fact, in Season 5 of Yellowstone John Dutton and Summer Higgins might be arch enemies. Despite this, some fans think that John is attracted to Summer and that they will have a relationship in the next season. They believe this because of Summer’s blonde hair’s likeness to Evelyn’s and John’s willingness to help her despite the fact that they have nothing in common.

Could John be reopening his heart to Summer after so many years as a lone wolf? Despite their contrariety, the couple might be able to keep up with each other. Summer Higgins, on the other hand, can become the Duttons’ rival and disturb them with her protests. Well, we’ve got a lot of questions in our heads that need to be answered. What will happen to Yellowstone John Dutton’s love story with Summer?

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