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Will John Dutton die in Yellowstone Season 4? 

Yellowstone John Dutton poster
Yellowstone John Dutton poster

There is no doubt that Yellowstone is a massively successful show, to the point that being one of the best TV series on the air today. The fact that the show’s casting is consisting of a bunch of A-list actors was also heavily effective in this access. Particularly, the participation of Kevin Costner as the leading character, John Dutton, evaluated the show’s quality. However, now that we are expecting Season 4’s release, we are facing the possibility of having Yellowstone John Dutton killed.

When Yellowstone got released back in 2018, it attracted millions immediately, receiving remarkable ratings for the 1st season of a show. It was familiar with its well-known western setting and yet brand new at the same time with its delivery of a story. The characters of the show were all multi-layered, leading us to want to know them more. Their relationship with each other was even more complex, causing us to spend an entire episode trying to figure out what goes on their minds.

In this respect, Yellowstone John Dutton comes forefront as the most interesting character. For many fans, he is the character that may make or break the show, making him a crucial figure in the series. And yet, Season 3’s controversial ending took all of us by surprise by putting Yellowstone John Dutton in unexpected danger, risking the entire series’ future.

Today, we will take a deep dive into the character of Yellowstone John Dutton and examine whether the clues so far signal his death in Season 4 or not. If you are a fan of Western TV shows and Yellowstone, this is the article for you.   

Yellowstone John Dutton

Yellowstone John Dutton

Yellowstone John Dutton

First and foremost, let’s have a look into the character of Yellowstone John Dutton. John is the head of the Duttons and the owner of the massive Montana ranch. Becoming the owner of this ranch was his destiny as he was born into a family of ranchers who had to go through a lot to secure their ownership in Montana. 

John was married to Evelyn Dutton and the couple had four children: Lee, Jamie, Beth, and Kayce. Evelyn died back in 1997 due to a horse-riding accident. After Evelyn’s death, John’s eldest son Lee also got killed during a feud to protect the ranch. 

Later in his life, John got diagnosed with colon cancer and had gone through multiple operations which were kept secret from his family. Due to his neglect, it took time for the illness to be truly cured. 

Apart from his true love Evelyn, John had a romantic relationship with the Governor of Montana, Lynelle Perry, who also lost her partner. 

John with Lynelle

John with Lynelle

Yellowstone Season 3 Ending Explained

Season 3 of the series, which was filled with a rollercoaster of emotions and action that is enough to give us a heart attack, ended in a way that suits the rest of the season. Out of nowhere, we have witnessed -almost- a massacre of the Duttons as each one of them ended up facing death at the end.

Yellowstone John Dutton got shot while Beth’s, played by Kelly Reilly, office has been firebombed while she was in it. We don’t know who are the responsible parties, who got to live, and – God forbid – who will we say goodbye to. Even though there are multiple theories spreading among the fans regarding the answers to these questions, to know the truth, we will have to wait up until the Season 4 release.

John Dutton got shot at the end of Season 3 of Yellowstone.

John Dutton got shot at the end of Season 3 of Yellowstone.

Yellowstone Season 4

Thankfully, the big date of the release is not so far away. If things go as planned, according to Paramount, we will be able to watch Season 4 of Yellowstone on Nov.7, 2021. We know that the Season 4 episodes are being filmed in Montana for the last few months. What we don’t know is who will remain in the Yellowstone cast since so many of our favorite characters are at the risk of being dead. 

John Dutton in his Montana ranch.

John Dutton in his Montana ranch.

Will John Dutton survive?

Although we don’t have any official statement on what to expect, we have some clues on the story of the upcoming season, as well as who might survive the attacks. First and foremost, we are 99% sure that John Dutton is alive. How do we know that? Well, it is written in Deadline’s character descriptions that Weaver is here to “crush the hold that John Dutton (Kevin Costner) has on his sprawling Montana ranch.” Well, if this is not a big hint on Dutton’s wellbeing, we don’t know what is. 

Another point comes from the promo of Season 4. In the promo, Will Patton, who is playing the biological father of Jamie Dutton, challenges John Dutton by claiming that there is a “war” between them. That means we can finally see the two fathers of Jamie facing each other.

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