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How is 1923 and Yellowstone Universe Linked? – Yellowstone 1923 Explained!

How is 1923 and Yellowstone Universe Linked
How is 1923 and Yellowstone Universe Linked

What is the relationship between 1923 and Yellowstone, the most talked about successful Western series of recent days? Let’s learn together!

Although its 1st episode was released on December 18, 2022, 1923 already has 8.4 points on IMDb. I think it will be enough to say that 1923 Season 2 has already been approved to tell how much it is loved. Let’s say to those who are waiting excitedly that it will release a new episode every week and can only be watched on the Paramount + platform. If everything goes as planned, 1923 Season 1 will run for a total of 8 episodes.

Without further ado, let’s get to the part where we explain why 1923 and Yellowstone are so popular and the relationship between 1923 and Yellowstone!

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What is 1923 about?

1923 and Yellowstone


1923 takes us to the years mentioned in its name. Our main characters, Jacob and Cara, are a close-knit couple and the owners of the Dutton Ranch. Although owning this huge farm looks very cool and is an indicator of strength, we see that many problems come with it. The problems experienced in 1923, which gave America extremely difficult times, are also traced in the series: famine, epidemic, drought, prohibition of alcohol in the USA, the Great Depression and every other important development … We are living the period again with them in the most realistic way.

Of course, the talented and experienced cast of actors has a great share in this realism. The production script, which includes Harrison Ford, Helen Mirren, James Badge Dale, Jerome Flynn and Brandon Sklenar, can be watched with pleasure even if it has a bad scenario.

Is 1923 a sequel to 1883?



Viewers can guess at the first glance that 1923 is the sequel to 1883 starring Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. So is it really so? The answer is yes, 1923 is the sequel to 1883 and the prequel to the main Yellowstone series.

What happened in the period between the 1883 series and Yellowstone began to be presented in the 1923 series. In 1883 we saw where the Dutton family came from, the prequel to the family we watched in 1923, and the story of James and Margaret moving from Tennessee. Most importantly, we also saw how they settled in Montana, where the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch was founded.

1883's James Dutton

1883’s James Dutton

In addition, as you know, we only see a 40-year period between 1883 and 1923. For this reason, we can call 1923 a direct sequel. In order to avoid confusion, it is useful to tell you about some kinship relations. Jacob Dutton, a 1923 co-star, is the brother of 1883’s James Dutton.

John Dutton Sr. and Spencer Dutton, sons of James in 1883, appear as adults in 1923. They are also married and even have children. John Dutton Sr. is the great-grandfather of John Dutton III, the leader of the Dutton Ranch in Yellowstone.

Is Elsa in 1923?

1883's Elsa

1883’s Elsa

As you know, Elsa was shot in the stomach in a shootout at the end of 1883. She was injured for days and eventually bled to death. Although Elsa did not exist as a character in 1923, she is the narrator of the series. According to what he told them, after James died, his mother, Margaret, wrote a letter to her brother. She begs him to save her family from this wild and terrible place they are in.

A year later, when her brother arrived, she found Margaret frozen. Elsa’s two brothers were very hungry and thirsty. Their uncle, who saved them, loved and raised them as their own children. He built James’ dream empire. However, this empire did not survive.

Elsa’s warning containing a small curse also caught our attention, if you missed it, let’s repeat it. According to Elsa, her father has three children, but only one of them will be old enough to see their children grow up. Only one person can survive the Depression and the bad effects of the 20th century.

How are 1923 and Yellowstone linked?



Just as 1923 explains to us the next period of what happened in 1883, Yellowstone tells us what happened after the 1923 series. We have a progression of 1883, 1923 and Yellowstone! We don’t know exactly where 1923 and Yellowstone places themselves on the timeline, but we hope its story lasts until Yellowstone first began.

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