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Why People Love Ty Borden? – All the Juicy Details About Ty

Ty Borden
Ty Borden

It’s been a while since we talked about one of our favorite characters of all time. Well, let us give you some clues so that you can come up with a guess. He was in Heartland, he was a father, and he is very much dead. Yes, we are talking about Ty Borden, who was one of those nearly perfect characters you can not help yourself but love. Played by the Canadian actor Graham Wardle, Ty had been the victim of a reckless shooting and got killed in Season 14 of the show.

Ty Borden in Heartland

Ty Borden in Heartland

Why Ty Die in Heartland?

Even though the surgical operation was a success, a blood clot took him away from us, which was just tragic. His absence from the show created the biggest empty feeling ever, as Amy is left without a husband while Lyndy was left fatherless. It took us almost a year to acknowledge that Ty will not come back to the series. In this process, some fans stopped watching the show, while others continued to watch in a constant crying mode.

All these contributed to the legendary status of Ty as a character. However, he was already a highly loved character even before his death. In this video, we will look at the reasons that make Ty a perfect character, which are also the same reasons why he is so much loved.

Ty Borden was in Heartland since 2007

Ty Borden was in Heartland since 2007

Why Everybody Loves Ty Borden?

First and foremost, Ty was there from the very beginning. Although it’s been 15 years since Heartland started and there have been multiple characters on the show. And yet, the original characters will always have a special place in our hearts since we feel like we have aged alongside them. Most of us were just children when Heartland premiered and had gone through all our youth with the brilliant characters of this amazing show.

Naturally, whenever we see Ty, we get this feeling of nostalgia that takes us back to the earlier days of our lives, and we love that feeling. He is like a home to us in a sense, which is not a thing that can often be said about TV characters. For instance, right now, we are rooting for Amy to have a new love interest in her life. However, we also know that whoever enters Amy’s life will never be able to replace Ty. There Are many reasons for this, but one of them is the fact that Ty was there before, and we all got to know and love him for more than a decade. 

Graham Wardle

Graham Wardle

Heartland Ty Borden Personality Details

Ty Borden was also coming from a troubled background, which makes us care for him even more. His problematic family caused him to suffer through a horrible childhood. We hope that this is not something any of us had to go through. Still, seeing a man who comes from such a difficult past and manages to build a great life against all odds is more than inspiring.

It proves Ty’s decency and strength. We admire his kind nature, his determination to do the right thing at all times, and his inner strength to fight all of his inner demons. Especially after getting to know his mother, who is a controversial character, we appreciated Ty even more, as he proved to be a true success story. 


Ty in Heartland

Was Ty Borden Handsome?

Well, we also have to mention the fact that Ty is a good-looking man. Yes, indeed, we shouldn’t be superficial and focus on the looks alone when approaching anyone. That being said, we also have to acknowledge the fact that looks are the first thing that we notice about anyone and therefore, good looks always prove an unfair advantage.

As humans, we love to look at things that come beautiful to the eye, and Ty Borden was beautiful to look at. Nevertheless, if he was lacking in personality, we doubt we would have been this much fond of him. Being both good-looking and kind-hearted, however, is a very valuable combination that should always be praised in our opinion. When we add being humble to this equation, we reach Ty.

Amy and Ty

Amy and Ty

What was Heartland Ty’s Job?

Ty was also very hard working. Yes, he managed to build a life for himself. But he did not do this by just laying down and waiting for things to happen. When Jack provided him an opportunity at Heartland ranch, he did his best to learn everything he can, and be useful on the ranch. Over time, he became almost an expert on animal health and decided to use his knowledge all around the globe so that the world becomes a better place for the animals.

His idealistic nature made us admire him even more, as it is a rare quality that we wish to see in more people. He cares about not only his life and his family but also everyone. He did his best to lend a helping hand to anyone in need, and we loved him for it. 

Ty was in Love with Amy

Last but certainly not least, Ty Borden has been a great family man. He was always loyal to Heartland ranch and became a part of that family immediately. At that time, we got the sense that he has the potential to be a devoted family man in the future. Thankfully, we got to see those versions of him as well. When he got married to Amy, he showed in every one of his actions that he prioritizes his family over everything else. Having Lyndy only highlighted this feature of his, as he has become an amazing father who works very hard to provide a good life for his kid.

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