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Heartland Season 16 News – What to expect from Season 16 of Heartland?

Heartland Season 16 News
Heartland Season 16 News

Although Heartland’s fifteenth season just concluded in December 2021, the show’s fans are already wondering about the whereabouts of Heartland Season 16. Canada’s longest-running tv series has still a lot of popularity and a huge fan base despite the fact that 15 years have passed since its first episode in 2007. Here, let us talk about everything we know about the new season and answer the most asked questions about the sixteenth season of the show.

Heartland is based on the Heartland book series written by Lauren Brooke and its story follows two sisters who live on a family ranch (called Heartland) in Alberta, Canada. The sisters live with their father, grandfather, and their hired farmhand. The story goes on as the family experiences some troubles over which they bond even more each time.

Where to Watch Heartland Season 16?

The Cast of Heartland

The Cast of Heartland – Will There Be Heartland Season 16?

There is still no official confirmation about whether there will be a new season or not. However, traditionally the creators always waited for a few months after the ending of a season to announce anything about a new one. So, it seems we have to wait a bit more to hear any news regarding the next season. Let us not lose our hopes yet, because some sources actually found out that the Heartland crew is getting ready to start, on May 24th, the production for the new season!

Since season 16 is not streamed on any platform yet, we do not know where to watch it. We gather the new episodes will be on CBC first, and then they will be available later on UPtv and Netflix.

Heartland Season 16 how many episodes?

Image from Heartland Season 15 Finale

Image from Heartland Season 15 Finale

Most of the fans admit that the finale of season 15 felt like an ending, yet we want to believe that the remaining characters of the show still have a lot of potential for various storylines, and the creative writing team will be able to see and use this potential. Also, a recent post from Heartland’s Twitter account referred to the last episode of season 15 as “season 15 finale” rather than “series finale”.

Let us assume that the arrival of a new season is definite. How many episodes will be there? The previous three seasons of the series had 10 episodes for each season, so it is only safe to assume that the new season will follow this past schedule.

Are all seasons of Heartland on Netflix?

On Netflix Canada and Netflix U.S, 13 seasons of the series are available, so it is not possible to watch seasons 14 and 15 on Netflix in these countries. Even worse, in countries like the U.K., Australia, Turkey, France, etc., the first six seasons were removed from Netflix at the beginning of 2022. Though Netflix of the countries like the United Kingdom started to stream season 14 last June, fans in the U.S. and Canada still wait.

Unfortunately, it is not clear if these seasons will come back to Netflix in the above-mentioned countries. There are other possibilities for these countries to stream the show’s first seasons. In the U.K. for instance, the first 6 seasons are exclusively streamed on Up Faith and Family Channel; and in Australia, seasons 1-6 can be watched on Amazon Prime Video.

Where was Heartland filmed?
Heartland Ranch

Heartland Ranch

The show was filmed at a real ranch in Millarville (about an hour south of Calgary), Alberta, Canada. The ranch is privately owned so it is only open for the cast and crew. The tourists and fans are not allowed inside, however, they can see it from the outside. The famous diner in the show is actually located in the town of High River Alberta, which is just east of Millarville.

The other filming locations are in Alberta, Canada as well but they are spread out. Some parts of the filming also take place in a film studio in Calgary.

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  1. Sharon

    March 31, 2022 at 4:32 am

    Find a way to bring Ty back. He was my favorite character.

  2. David Morin

    August 16, 2022 at 3:21 pm

    If you think that Ty leaving had a huge impact on the series, try giving Amy a new love interest and you will loose many more viewers. My wife and I will be two of those people who will stop watching if that happens. We watched for fifteen seasons as Ty and Amy worked on and built their Love and Marriage and we all loved Ty and Amy together. No one wants to see another man try to take Ty’s place with Amy.
    In fact, it is an insult to your viewers for even suggesting this. I hope you change your scripts so we can continue to enjoy Heartland, otherwise, sorry but we are finished. It’s been a great series, please don’t ruin it for millions of viewers who Loved Ty and Amy’s Love. The world is full of divorce and treachery, just give us a place where we can tune in to and have the love of our two favorite characters remain forever. Thank You

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