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Where Does Heartland Take Place?

Heartland Ranch
Heartland Ranch

Everybody loves Heartland. How can’t they? The show is filled with everything we need from a TV series, from a brilliant scenario to strong characters. Heartland ranch, however, is often overlooked when counting the positives of the series. It is one of those silent actors that elevate the show’s quality by providing an impeccable setting.

Heartland Ranch is located at the center of an amazing landscape. It is the home for not only most Heartland characters, including Amy and Ty but also many animals. Especially the horses stand out as arguably the most beautiful residents of the ranch. They are all high-breed, trained and aesthetic creatures that make Heartland the way it is as a show. 

Cast members pose in front of the Heartland ranch.

Cast members pose in front of the Heartland ranch.

Heartland is quite artistic when it comes to its filming locations. For instance, the scenes in Mongolia, which were included in the show when Ty went there for work, were actually filmed in the Drumheller valley, instead of really going to Mongolia.

 The rest of the filming locations, however, are mostly located near the High River, around the Heartland ranch. Or, just like Maggie’s Diner, they are filmed on a set. Nevertheless, there is a diner in the High River named “Evelyn’s Memory Lane” and it can be regarded as a real-life version of Maggie’s Diner. The Heartland dude ranch, on the other hand, is located in the south of Priddis, Alberta. It is, once again, is nearby the High River and the ranch.

In this article, we are discovering the location of the ranch with the hope of visiting this dreamy place one day. If you are sharing the same dream with us, just keep on reading to have a proper reading guide beforehand.

Heartland ranch

Heartland ranch

Where is the actual Heartland ranch?

Heartland ranch is located in Alberta, Canada. Its name is not Heartland in real life, but everybody knows that it is home to the Heartland series and thus, regard the ranch with high respect. The Heartland ranch is located between Millarville and the High River. It is 10 minutes west of Millarville while being 45 minutes away from High River. 

The town of Hudson, however, in which Heartland ranch is supposed to be placed, is not a real place. Still, it is not a rare occasion to see the background of the town of High River in the show as if it is the town of Hudson. 

Since it is a privately-owned ranch, it is unfortunately not possible to visit Heartland ranch. However, self-guided tours can be booked in High River which shows Heartland ranch as well. We cannot wait to book a trip for ourselves before the show ends. Who knows, maybe we can even meet Amber Marshall!

Heartland ranch is a privately-owned property.

Heartland ranch is a privately-owned property.

Who owns the ranch where Heartland is filmed?

Heartland ranch’s history goes back to the beginning of the century. Yes, it is that old. Back in 1928, Roy Foster and his family bought the ranch and settled in there. Roy and his siblings are raised on the ranch. In fact, the beautiful red barn of the ranch was built by Roy’s brother Les. Now, the ranch is not inhabited and is rented to Heartland to film the show. 

When it comes to the residents of the ranch, however, we have a completely different story. Most of the horses of the ranch are owned by John Scott. Scott is a well-known name in the entertainment sector as he has been training animals for movies and TV shows for the past 50 years.

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  2. Stephainie Angus

    January 4, 2022 at 1:03 pm

    I love heartland

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    June 8, 2022 at 1:17 am

    I love heartland

  5. Anthony

    August 20, 2022 at 3:11 pm

    I love Heartland. It is such a great series. I never miss an episode. I love the actors and story line that it represents. Keep on making this wonderful program.

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