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Which One is Better: The Ultimatum vs Too Hot to Handle

Which One is Better: The Ultimatum vs Too Hot to Handle
Which One is Better: The Ultimatum vs Too Hot to Handle

It seems 2 Netflix hits have found themselves in a battle: The Ultimatum vs Too Hot to Handle (sometimes referred to in this article as THTH). The former, which has a quite unconventional concept, like most Netflix reality series, gained popularity when it was released on the platform on April 6. The series was so successful that Netflix immediately renewed it for a 2nd season, this time with a completely queer cast. The release date of Season 2 is not known yet since Season 1 has just ended.

Too Hot to Handle, on the other hand, has its own unique concept going on since 2020. The show has been out for 3 seasons and the 4th one is already on the way. Reality tv fans cannot get enough of these 2 strange, toxic, and problematic series and we felt it was our job to compare the 2 and see which one will come out on top.

Similarities Between the Ultimatum and Too Hot to Handle

Similarities Between The Ultimatum and Too Hot to Handle

Similarities Between the 2 shows

To be honest, there are more differences between the 2 shows rather than similarities but we can think of a few ones that stand out. Well, first of all, and this is kind of an obvious one, they are both reality series in which young and attractive people are trying to find love. Also, both shows have presenters accompanying the contestants/participants, although they are of different kinds (don’t worry we’ll talk about this in the next section).

Another similarity would be the fact that the couples in both series have to live together in a home and are forced to spend time together. They have to understand and gather their thoughts to decide what they want and whether they should be committed or not.

The similarities end here, as even though both shows are reality tv series, they have different concepts and varying rules. Let’s see what they are.

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Differences Between the Ultimatum and Too Hot to Handle

Differences Between The Ultimatum and Too Hot to Handle

Differences Between the 2 shows

The primary difference between The Ultimatum and THTH is that in the former, participants come to the show as already couples who diverge in opinions regarding their future. One wants to get married but the other is not ready yet so an ultimatum is given. The contestants in THTH come to the show as single individuals who previously did not know each other. The reason we are calling the participants contestants is that the series is also a game show where they try to win a cash prize of $100.000.

There is no cash prize or any kind of prize in The Ultimatum whereas the couples in THTH have to obey the rules (like sex ban, kissing ban, self-gratification ban…) and if they do not, the money in their prize keeps decreasing.

Another difference between the 2 shows is the matter of hosts. In THTH, the host is an artificial intelligence called Lana who doesn’t have a physical presence, of course. She is the one who tells the rules to all contestants and she is the one who checks if the rules are followed. On the other show, the hosts are Nick and Vanessa Lachey, who are also the hosts of another reality series Love is Blind.

One final difference between the shows would be, as can be understood from the name, the cast members of Too Hot to Handle are smoking hot! We know the ones in the other one are attractive as well but the contestants in Too Hot to Handle are people who give special importance to how they appear (and we cannot really see them in anything rather than bikinis and swimsuits).

The Ultimatum vs Too Hot to Handle: Is The Ultimatum better than Too Hot to Handle?

Is The Ultimatum Better Than Too Hot to Handle?

Is The Ultimatum Better Than Too Hot to Handle?

In the battle The Ultimatum vs Too Hot to Handle, we can look at responses to the series. The primary thing to look at would be the audience scores of the 2 shows on IMDb. The former has a 5.4 and the latter has a 4.6 score on the website. If we look at the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, the former has a 44% rating while the other one has 36%. Well, you can see which one is winning.

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