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Cast Members in The Ultimatum Season 1 Ranked From Best to Worst!

Best and Worst Cast Members in The Ultimatum Season 1
Best and Worst Cast Members in The Ultimatum Season 1

It is really difficult to make a list of the best and worst cast members in The Ultimatum Season 1 since all of the cast members of the series have both positive and negative sides to them (except Colby). They were all able to bring some type of drama to the series but we shouldn’t be surprised as drama is the centerpiece of all reality tv series. We still tried to come up with a list based on the cast members’ likability, the amount of drama they started, and their behaviors towards their original and trial partners.

Although some people found the show’s concept absurd, some still lived for the drama. No matter how much the show’s concept is unconventional, people still acknowledged that it was worth a watch.

We couldn’t agree more! Now, let’s get to the business. Here is a list of the best and worst cast members in The Ultimatum ranked from best to worst.

1. Randall The Ultimatum

Randall The Ultimatum


The best cast member in The Ultimatum is Randall and that’s because he was always so thoughtful and respectful both to Shanique, his initial partner and to Madlyn, his trial wife. He always found a way to sweetly talk about his feelings and concerns. Although we believe Shanique doesn’t deserve him (let’s not even start), we are happy that he ended up with someone he loves and cares about.

2. Jake The Ultimatum

Jake The Ultimatum


The 2nd best cast member in The Ultimatum is Jake. The reason we didn’t put him in the number 1 spot for the best cast member in The Ultimatum is that he gave the cold shoulder to April in the 1st 3 weeks that they were living together. But after that process, he was respectful towards both April and his trial wife Rae, who he left the show with. He even gained the approval of Rae’s difficult father.

3. Lauren The Ultimatum

Lauren The Ultimatum


We couldn’t witness Lauren’s full character traits because she left the show only 4 days after the experiment when Nate asked her to marry her. But even in that brief time, she gained few points for not being offensive to anyone. The reason we didn’t think she was the best cast member in The Ultimatum is that she agreed to marry Nate. We know it’s not our place to judge people’s romantic decisions but we think she could do way better than Nate, who proposed to her only to steal Alexis and Hunter’s thunder.

4. Alexis The Ultimatum

Alexis The Ultimatum


Alexis is one of the worst cast members of the show because she accused Colby of calling her unattractive when in reality she was the one who pushed him to say what he wasn’t into her. It feels weird to defend Colby in any case but she was in the wrong. She is also not the worst cast member in The Ultimatum because she has always been honest about why she didn’t want to marry Hunter. After all, he wasn’t earning enough money.

5. The Ultimatum Rae

The Ultimatum Rae


The reason Rae is so low on the list is that she punched Zay, her initial partner, during an argument. No matter what gender you are, it should never be okay to punch or hit someone just because you’re angry. Although other than this act of hers she was really sweet, punching someone makes you look bad no matter what.

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6. The Ultimatum Madlyn

The Ultimatum Madlyn and Colby

Madlyn and Colby

Although she is not the worst cast member in The Ultimatum, Madlyn is up there. It seems from the beginning of the series that she is not interested in getting married to Colby and even maybe hates him. But she still accepted his marriage proposal. She also tried to start drama with the other cast members of the show, which she lost points for.

7. Zay The Ultimatum

Zay The Ultimatum


Zay lost points for not contacting Rae after he stayed out all night while they were living together. We also didn’t like how he was constantly pulling Rae to have a conversation when she clearly expressed the opposite.

8. Colby The Ultimatum

Colby and Madlyn The Ultimatum

Colby and Madlyn

The worst cast member in The Ultimatum is Colby. Because, firstly, what’s up with the cowboy hats? Secondly, and let’s get serious, he was having secret relationships with people outside of the show. Also, most fans have been talking about his narcissism and manipulation skills since the beginning of the show. Check out this tweet, for instance, to see how people were worried to see Madlyn getting engaged with Colby.

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