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7 Best The Ultimatum Couples Ranked!

7 Best the Ultimatum Couples Ranked!
7 Best the Ultimatum Couples Ranked!

The controversial reality series The Ultimatum has finished its 1st season on April 13 with the reunion episode and we know you’re wondering about the best The Ultimatum couples. At the reunion, we saw which couples who ended up together in the penultimate episode actually continue to be together and which among those who broke up continue to be single. To say the least, the reunion had surprising moments such as Madlyn being pregnant and Alexis and Hunter specifying a wedding date.

If you were one of those people who, while watching the show, continuously rated the cast members and the couples in your head, you’re in the right place. We have a list of 7 best The Ultimatum couples, ranked from best to worst. The list includes both the original couples who may or may not have ended up together, but also other cast members who entered the experiment.

1. Shanique and Randall

Shanique and Randall

The 1st of the best the Ultimatum couples: Shanique and Randall

To be honest, the reason we put Shanique and Randall in the 1st place is mostly because of Randall who has been so sweet and gentle from the beginning until the end. We saw him being respectful towards both his original partner Shanique and his “trial wife” Madlyn. When it comes to Shanique though, we could feel that she was loving and passionate but she also had some communication problems, responding with one-word answers and shutting down conversations.

They got engaged in the finale but split up afterward but now are back together. It seems Shanique has gotten over her insistence on getting married and is now ready not to repeat their previous mistakes.

2. Rae and Jake

Rae and Jake

Rae and Jake

Okay, this will be quite controversial, but we really loved the chemistry between Rae and Jake who weren’t one of the original couples. Jake came to the show with April and Rae with Zay but during the experiments, these 2 hit it off immediately. It seemed that the conversation always flowed when they were having a chat and they both had similar dreams. Although they left together in the finale, both breaking up from their original partners, they said that they didn’t continue dating after the show, which was a disappointment to us all.

3. Alexis and Hunter

The Ultimatum Cast: Alecis and Hunter

The Ultimatum Cast: Alexis and Hunter

From the start, they were meant to be together because they both weren’t able to hit it off with the other The Ultimatum cast members. They were the 1st couple who engaged on the show after Alexis declared that the show’s concept was absurd and Hunter said he doesn’t want to be with anyone else but Alexis. At the reunion, they announced that they now have a wedding date for this June.

4. April and Jake

April and Jake

April and Jake

It was saddening to see that April was fully devoted to her partner Jake but some sides to her made us feel like she wasn’t right for Jake. She insisted too much on getting married while Jake was clearly not ready. However, she was also great at handling the rejection she got from Hunter. We have mixed feelings about April and Jake’s relationship as they did not end up together. Jake is currently single and April says she is with a new boyfriend.

5. Nate and Lauren The Ultimatum

Nate and Lauren

Nate and Lauren

Although this couple seemed good enough for each other, the weirdest thing was for Nate to propose right after Hunter did to Alexis, which felt ingenuine. Nate seemed like he wanted to steal Alexis and Hunter’s thunder. It also did not help that right before the proposal Nate had chosen 3 different trial wives.

6. Rae and Zay

Rae and Zay

Rae and Zay

It was really obvious from the start that these two weren’t meant to be together. Both of them had lost some points because of some of their actions. For instance, Rae punched Zay during an argument which is not acceptable under any circumstances and Zay was constantly trying to pull Rae into talking despite the fact that she repeatedly told him she did not want to talk. They eventually broke up and said at the reunion that they don’t want to be back together.

7. Madlyn and Colby

Madlyn and Colby

The worst The Ultimatum couple: Madlyn and Colby

Our number 7, the worst couple on The Ultimatum cast is actually Madlyn and Colby who were unbearable as a couple. (What’s with the cowboy hats Colby?) Colby started relationships with women who were outside the show and Madlyn was always trying to start beef with the other contestants of the show. In a way, one could say they are perfect for each other but they were the absolute worst to watch. They ended up together in the series finale and in the reunion Madlyn was pregnant!

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