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Too Hot To Handle Season 3 – Where are the beautiful couples now?

Too Hot To Handle Season 3
Too Hot To Handle Season 3 Cast

Netflix dropped the new season of Too Hot To Handle on the 19th of January, making fans wonder if the participants will be able to tame themselves for the big prize of 200.000 dollars. After the popular season 2, the premise and the rules of the show are still the same: no touching, no kissing, and no sex. If anyone fails to obey the rules, money will be dropped from the communal winnings pot. Of course, as we watched the series, we have seen that some of the couples could not possibly stay away from each other even at the expense of losing and making others lose money.

After an exciting and challenging season the cast has experienced, we are wondering if the couples on the show are still together in real life. We did a little digging for you to find this out. Here is what we know about the cast and the couples of Too Hot To Handle Season 3.

Too Hot To Handle Season 3 Cast

Too Hot To Handle Season 3

Too Hot To Handle Season 3

Let’s get to know season 3’s contestants a bit more closely:

  • Beaux, 24, Legal Secretary, UK. The most important criterion for Beaux is honesty. She says she likes “cheeky” guys.
  • Georgia, 26, Student Midwife, Australia. Georgia loves her single status because apparently, she is a “ghoster”. She gets bored easily and wants to move on quickly.
  • Harry, 29, Tree Surgeon, UK. He describes himself as a Harry Styles look-alike and refers to himself as a secret player.
  • Holly, 23, Student and Model, USA. Holly does not want to have a relationship but desires to have boyfriends from all over the world.
  • Izzy, 22, PT, UK. Lover of breaking rules, Izzy does not even want to stick to one man. She loves being single but also wants to be hands-on with the other contestants.
  • Jaz, 25, Entrepreneur and Model, USA. Jazyln grew up with her father who worked in the Air Force. That is why she has high standards and is not ready to settle down for something less than she thinks she deserves.
  • Nathan, 24, Model, South Africa. Nathan does not have time for a serious relationship and he is described as someone who can talk any girl into his bed.
  • Patrick, 29, Model and Actor, USA. Interested in botany, Patrick also plays the guitar for the ladies. He is described by the other contestants as Jason Mamoa look-alike.
  • Stevan, 26, Model, US. Having a bad boy look, Stevan defines himself as “the flirtatious, loud and obnoxious one.”
  • Truth, 23, Student, USA. Having an established fan base even before coming on the show, Truth seems to have no difficulties securing women.

Are Holly and Nathan together?

Holly and Nathan in Season 3

Holly and Nathan in Season 3 of Too Hot To Handle

Huge spoilers are ahead for season 3 of Too Hot To Handle. Hitting it off in the first minutes of the first episode, Holly and Nathan both confessed immediately that they found each other quite hot. This resulted in a period of flirtation which then led to the breaking of all of the rules on the show. The situation was so bad at some point that the $200.000 prize dropped to $0…

It’s not for certain if the couple is actually dating in real life. Nathan’s Instagram has some photos of them together. They are quite close in one of them. They follow each other and leave comments on each others’ posts. However, it is not clear if they are dating.

Are Harry and Beaux still dating?

Harry and Beaux

Harry and Beaux in Season 3 of Too Hot To Handle

The winners of season 3, Harry and Beaux left hand in hand in the season finale, taking home the big cash prize of $90.000. However, according to reports, the couple is not together now although both Harry and Beaux said they are actually open to getting back together.

After confessing in the reunion show that they split, Harry said that their relationship status is single but he also said that they talk every day. They talk about the difficulty of seeing each other, especially in full lockdown in the U.K. Despite this difficulty, the couple does not know what could possibly happen in the future.

Which couples are still dating after Season 3 of Too Hot To Handle?

Sadly enough, none of the couples are still together after the show has ended. For instance, Izzy and Jackson were together during season 3 but after the end of the filming, the couple revealed that they are both single. Even one of the most sought-after girls of the show, Georgia, said that she is single now confessing at the same time that Stevan actually is the one contestant who interests her.

If you want to learn more about the show, watch season 3 on Netflix now. Here to watch the season 3 reunion of Too Hot To Handle:

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