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Most Shocking Heartland Plot Twists of All Time!

Most Shocking Heartland Plot Twists of All Time!
Heartland Plot Twists

Heartland is one of the easiest series of all time, because it presents a light and warm story that relaxes us and distracts us from the problems of everyday life. However, sometimes the showrunners of the series surprise us with unexpected events that enter the story arc of the series. We’ll take a look at the most shocking Heartland plot twists of all time in this article. Let’s dive in.

Tim and Jessica’s Marriage

Most Shocking Heartland Plot Twists of All Time - Tim and Jessica's Marriage

Tim and Jessica’s Marriage

Tim and Jessica’s marriage is one of the most shocking Heartland plot twists of all time. Due to Tim’s troubled past, some fans never thought he would settle down one day. In fact, he never wanted to remarry after losing the mother of his children, namely the love of his life Marion. Nevertheless, he confessed to Jessica that he wants to wear a wedding ring for the first time since losing Marion. Jessica, on the other hand, initially refused to have a party, but then came to the conclusion that a modest family wedding wouldn’t be so bad. And so the couple eventually married in Season 15, Episode 6.

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Georgie’s Adoption

Most Shocking Heartland Plot Twists of All Time - Georgie's Adoption

Georgie’s Adoption

Georgie came to Heartland in Season 6. She was a tempestuous and stubborn child who ran from foster home to foster home after being orphaned at the age of 3. Because of her feisty personality, viewers didn’t think she would settle in at Heartland Ranch and get along well with the people there. Therefore, it was shocking for us to see that Lou and Peter adopted her in Season 6, Episode 10, and that Georgie actually loved Heartland and accepted her new adoptive parents like her biological parents.

Ty’s Death

Most Shocking Heartland Plot Twists of All Time - Ty's Death

Ty’s Death

Well, Ty’s death is undoubtedly one of the most shocking Heartland plot twists of all time. It wasn’t only shocking, but heartbreaking for fans to say goodbye to Heartland‘s beloved character. Although he was shot by a hunter at the end of Season 13, he underwent surgery, so we rather believed that he would be fine. Nevertheless, Ty Borden was killed in the first episode of Season 14 due to deep vein thrombosis. His death was certainly the most tragic event that happened to Amy and led many Heartland fans to stop watching the series.

Mallory’s Departure

Most Shocking Heartland Plot Twists of All Time - Mallory's Departure

Mallory’s Departure

Mallory’s departure from Heartland shocked and frustrated many fans, as she was one of the most beloved characters in the series, though not a main one. As you probably remember, she was in Heartland since Season 1 and was the lovable neighbor of the Heartland family. However, she left the series in Season 7 to move to Paris with her boyfriend Jake Anderson.

In fact, the reason Mallory left Heartland was because actress Jessica Amlee, who plays Mallory, decided to leave the show, “I needed to expand myself and see what I’m made of. I felt like I got the hang of Mallory. I needed to challenge myself in other ways,” she said.

Mallory reappeared for two episodes in Season 10 and married her longtime boyfriend Jake in Episode 14.

Lou’s Divorce

Most Shocking Heartland Plot Twists of All Time - Lou's Divorce

Lou and Peter

Although Lou and Peter are one of our favorite couples in Heartland, they, unfortunately, signed divorce papers in Season 10. Things have changed for them since Season 8 when they started having problems in their relationship, but we always believed that the two could manage to work out their issues. Still, Lou’s divorce from Peter after Ty’s death broke us the most.

Lou’s Break Up from Mitch

Most Shocking Heartland Plot Twists of All Time - Lou's Break Up from Mitch

Lou and Mitch

Shortly after Lou and Peter’s divorce, Lou began dating ranch hand Mitch. With ups and downs, their relationship lasts for a few seasons. In Season 13, they bought a ranch together and in Season 14, they even got engaged, which made us believe that they would end up together. However, in Season 14, Episode 10, Lou surprisingly discovered that her feelings for Peter weren’t over, which made the couple decide to take a break.

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