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Here is Why Nobody Loves Tim Fleming in Heartland

Heartland Tim Fleming
Heartland Tim Fleming

Today, we are going to discuss one of the most controversial characters of Heartland: Tim Fleming. Yes, we know it sounds weird to use the words “controversial” and “Heartland” in one sentence. However, even a pure, light show like Heartland can have some disputed personalities that divide the fandom.

That being said, we have to admit that even the worst character on Heartland would be a better person than any of the average TV personalities since the series is consisting of angel-like figures. They are not unrealistic by any means, but they are the best version of themselves at all times, which is a luxury that most of us lack.

Tim Fleming, however, stands out among other characters of Heartland. He is like us, a normal human being, who is highly flawed but also not lacking self-awareness entirely, thus he can be held accountable for his bad deeds. Still, it would be a mistake to claim that everyone loves Tim. Most of the Heartland fans hate him. Why, though? Do we hate Tim? Or do we hate to see a flawed human being like us on the screen? Is Tim forcing us to face everything wrong with us? Let’s find out together. 

Tim Fleming

Tim Fleming

Who is Tim Fleming in Heartland?

First, let’s get to know Tim. Tim Fleming is a middle-aged man who is a talented cowboy and rancher, who is great at his profession, to the point that he even has a training school for kids. He is the father of Lou and Amy, and the son-in-law of Jack Bartlett. Naturally, he is an inseparable part of the Heartland family. Currently, he is happily married to Jessica and enjoying his life in Alberta, Canada, as usual. Well, since everything looks so ordinary with him, why is he hated this much?

The Hatred against Tim started back when the show initially premiered 15 years ago. Heartland began with the death of Amy and Lou’smother, Marion. The bitter incident caused Tim to come back home after 10 long years. Tim left his family when the girls were just children and came back only after his wife died in a tragic accident.

Naturally, neither of these developments showed Tim in a positive light. On the contrary, after hearing about what he had done, we all guessed how he would manage to make up for all those lost times. That being said, we have to admit that Tim worked hard for the girls to accept him as a father once again, which was admirable. Still, we never forgot that he left the girls behind. 

Chris Potter plays Tim Fleming in Heartland

Chris Potter plays Tim Fleming in Heartland

Who are Tim Fleming’s Children in Heartland?

Then, we learned that Tim had another child from another woman when he was away. This son showed himself out of nowhere and shocked us all, including Tim himself. Nevertheless, even though he wasn’t aware that there was a son of his, we still could not believe his reckless behavior when he was away from home. We won’t even mention the fact that he cheated on Marion at this point, since it seems like a given premise with guys like Tim unfortunately. 

After his son emerged, we hoped that Tim would take care of things properly this time. But, we were wrong again. At the time, he was seeing a colleague of his, who was madly in love with him. Unfortunately, Tim did not value her love and utilized it for his selfish interest. He proposed to her to have leverage in the custody trial over his son. When this scheme of his was revealed, everyone got brokenhearted, as it was beyond selfish.

Tim Fleming is a rancher.

Tim Fleming is a rancher.

Who is Tim Fleming’s Wife in Heartland?

Also, we have to mention the fact that Tim has dated a lot of women over the years, and failed to do any of them any justice. On the contrary, it seemed like he always moved from one woman to another, as if they were nothing for him. However, when he was in the relationship, he was pretending as if the woman in question was the love of his life. That is to say, Tim wasn’t exactly a reliable boyfriend or husband, and we never appreciate any of these qualities in a man.

As we mentioned before, Tim is a highly selfish character and unfortunately, even if he tries to change, this side of him always causes problems. Lastly, we saw his selfish behavior in his relationship with Jessica. Although she let him know that she doesn’t want a wedding ceremony, Tim organized everything the way he wanted, as if his desires are the ones that mattered. He lacks respect for others’ demands, which is annoying, to say the least.

Chris Potter as Tim Fleming 

Chris Potter as Tim Fleming

Is Tim Fleming a Bad Person?

He is also not a sensible person and often struggles with empathizing with others. When there were constant burglaries in the Hudson, we saw him siding with the self-centered locals of the Hudson and blaming the foster kids for the crime without any basis. 

He is also very impulsive. He always acts before thinking and then has to deal with the feeling of regret afterward. The most recent example of such an incident took place when he punched at the guy who killed Ty and then could not understand why he didn’t feel satisfied or relaxed. Nevertheless, we still have to mention that Tim always feels remorse.

Yes, it is too little too late, but still, it is there and we cannot ignore it. In the last couple of seasons of Heartland, we see him trying hard to change some undesirable characteristics of his. We know that it is very difficult to change some personal characteristics, especially after a certain age. Therefore, even though we despise some of the actions of Tim, we also empathize with him since he is the only truly human character among all the other angel-like characters. 

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  1. Mary

    May 14, 2022 at 10:31 pm

    first off Tim is Jacks ex son in law, and as far as Im concerned hes teaching Lou all the qualities that a woman should not be. self centered, cant decide which man she really loves- when you truely love someone like they added to their vouals she and Tim both need to learn the meaning of love

  2. Tammy Marchant

    May 14, 2022 at 11:21 pm

    Well I like Tim but sometimes he makes me mad because he thanks he knows everything and he does it and he flies off the handle too quick and he doesn’t know how to settle down with a woman and he always wants to be center of attention and I guess that is who Tim is I think.

    • Derek Brook

      September 13, 2022 at 11:37 am

      The character Tim is a very bad choice,an absolute idiot,reflects badly on the Directors and Producers who expect the viewers to put up with this crap.Honestly i can’t believe he is still on the show,thanks for the fast forward button on the remote as i do not wish to watch or listen to anything he has to say.
      I loved the show when characters Amy and Ty were present,but no longer enjoy the show, i think the time has come to say good bye to heartland.

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  4. Jean Riedel

    June 4, 2022 at 5:00 am

    It needs to bring Ty back. Times a cheater but there is one in every bunch.

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  6. Maybelle

    September 4, 2022 at 6:49 am

    I loathe Tim. He is NOT a Bartlett. Heartland is NOT his house, ranch, farm, yet, he acts like he owns the place. Bosses Jack around about his own home. The whole time he had Big River Ranch he never fed himself, had his daughters over for diner. Always mooching off a Jack, inviting himself and dates to Jack’s house (His dead EX-WIFE’S house – creepy as hell – his is NOT a son-n-law – not family to Jack), always sitting in Lisa’s seat at diner – Lisa is Jack’s wife, the lady of the house. Always buying something – cattle, sheep but, the grifter is somehow unable to feed himself, have a house. He should have had a home where is son Shane would visit instead of him being at Heartland. Shane is no relation to Jack. Tim is a sorry man and a sorry father.
    He is a dead beat mooch. Lou and Amy make it worse by not defending Jack, who raised them, feeds them, gives them a free place to live.
    I hope in season 16 they grow up, start paying their own way, support themselves. I see them as selfish. No motivation to provide for themselves, get a home. Lou and Pete should have their own home. Pete should have stepped up and got out of Jack’s house. Ty was a Vet, good paying job. Ty should have had some kind of life insurance where Amy and Lyndy would be set. Tim should not have torn down Ty’s house. Amy and Lou need to give Jack a break.
    Time for Jack and his wife, Lisa to be treated like it is their house.
    As Jack once said, his house is a 4 bedroom house with only 1 bathroom – it is too crowded.
    Hopefully Heartland will return to being about Heartland.
    No more wayward children and orphans. That has been worn out.
    No more Tim and all his women drama (or ever better, Tim just goes away).

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