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Heartland Season 10 Cast

Heartland Season 10 Cast
Cast of Heartland Seasoon 10
Heartland Season 10


Amber Marshall (Amy Fleming)

In Heartland season 10, we see Amy as a pregnant woman. Despite her pregnancy, she still insists to take care of with horses and spends her day as usual. There is no doubt that Amy’s struggles were exciting to watch in season 10. Let’s talk about the actress, that we all love to watch as Amy Fleming.

Amber Marshall is a perfect actress who is 33 years old. She is one of the reasons that the show has this kind of success. Not very surprising but she is an equestrian! This explains the reality of her acting with horses. Spoiler alert; There was no acting, she was just being herself!

Heartland Season 10


Michelle Morgan (Lou Fleming)

We saw all the adventures Lou went through on season 10 of Heartland. How great was that love triangle? Yes, if you watched season 10, we are talking about the triangle between Lou, Peter, and Mitch. We know there might be a possible reader of this article who hasn’t watched season 10 yet, so we don’t want to ruin anything. There will be no spoilers!

Michelle Morgan is portraying the role of Lou Fleming. She is 40 years old and awarded with her projects many times! While her role on Heartland continues, she did not forget to improve herself. So, she acted on many different projects. We love her so much.

Heartland Season 10


Shaun Johnston (Jack Bartlett)

We saw Jack Barlett on every episode of Heartland season 10. Besides all other aspects of season 10, his contributions were enough reasons to keep watching the season. He did not make concessions from his personality and he kept the warmness of his character throughout the season.

Shaun Johnston is the actor who is playing Jack Barlett. He is 63 years old Canadian actor. We love him and we do not even think of the character of Jack Barlett with an actor other than him.

Heartland Season 10


Graham Wardle (Ty Borden)

When we are thinking about the struggles of Ty in season 10, we can still feel the pain that spreads all over the inside of us. What can we say?  It was a hard season for him but let’s not forget about the good ways. The ones who watched season 10 know what we are talking about, without any spoilers, we can say there was a very emotional and cute moment.

Graham Wardle surprise us one more time with his acting as Ty Borden in season 10. For the ones who do not know anything about him, he is a 34 years old Canadian actor. He has many successful works other than Heartland.

Heartland Season 10


Alisha Newton (Georgie Fleming-Morris)

Georgie was 15 years old on the 10th season of Heartland. Season 10 of Heartland was also hard for Georgie. However, all the struggles provide viewers a chance to see the acting skills of the actor. We can proudly say that Alisha Newton was perfect.

Alisha Newton is 20 years old Canadian actress. She worked on many successful projects other than Heartland. We can see the bright future of the young actress.

Heartland Season 10


Chris Potter (Tim Fleming)

So, we are glad to see Tim in season 10. We love the scenes of him. All of them have a big place in the storyline of the show. The actor who is playing Tim Fleming is Chris Potter and we owe him a thank you for making the show way better than it has already been.

Chris Potter is 61 years old Canadian actor, he is also a successful musician. He has been in a beautiful marriage since 1985 and he has four children with his wife, Karen Potte.

Heartland Season 10


Gabriel Hogan (Peter Morris)

We saw Peter Morris on the seventh, ninth, tenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth episodes of Heartland season 10. We mainly see him with the love triangle between Peter, Lou, and Mitch. There would be a huge spoiler to give more details, also it is a very exciting storyline to follow. So, if you want to know about what happens in this triangle, you must watch the season right now.

On the other hand, we should appreciate the work of Gabriel Hogan as Peter Morris. He acted as a character that we were all eager to watch. The Canadian actor is 48 years old. He is married to Inga Cadranel and they two have one son.

Heartland Season 10


Kerry James (Caleb Odell)

Caleb Odell is a guest star on Heartland season 10. Alright, it is an arguable subject. We know that not everyone has to like the character of Caleb Odell, especially those who like Ty and Amy. But despite all of them, we are invested in the storyline of Caleb. What can we say, it is fun to watch! Maybe, it might because of the writing of his character or the acting of the person who portrayed him. Who knows?

If it is because of the actor who portrayed him, then we should totally appreciate Kerry James. The Canadian actor is 35 years old. He is also a producer. We do not have clear information about his love life but he is not married.

Heartland Season 10


Jessica Steen (Lisa Stillman)

We see Lisa Stillman as a guest star on Heartland season 10. She was on the episodes of one, five, six, eight, thirteen, fourteen, seventeen, and eighteen.

We do not know what do you think about Lisa but we know that we love to see her and Jack on our screens. There is something very warming about the relationship between these two.

Speaking of Lisa Stillman, Jessica Steen is beautifully playing the character of Lisa Stillman on Heartland Season 10. She is a 55 years old Canadian actress and she has a long list when it comes to her works. We think she prefers to keep her dating life private because we did not find anything about it.

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  3. Beth Zamzow

    September 14, 2021 at 2:26 pm

    Does Amy have the gestation period of the horses she works with? We see her announcing her pregnancy on New Year’s eve and then there is snow on the ground when she gives birth. She should have had that baby in August or September.

    • Cathy Minor

      January 14, 2022 at 6:51 pm

      The show is boring without Ty. It’s just not the same.

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