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Heartland Season 11 Cast

Heartland Season 11 Cast
Heartland Season 11 Cast

Amber Marshall (Amy Fleming)

If you are reading this article, and have no idea about Heartland Season 11, keep your breath because we will give you some burning details! As you can remember, season 10 was ended with our newborn Lyndy. In season 11, we see the life of Amy as a mother. Of course, there are many struggles that she had to deal with but it was a quite well season for our Amy.

Speaking of Amy, let us give you some brief information about Amber Marshall. She is the actress who is portraying Amy Fleming on Heartland. The 33 years old actress is very talented in both acting and riding. We do not think anyone other than Amber Marshall would play Amy Fleming that successfully.

Heartland Season 11 Cast

Ty Borden

Graham Wardle (Ty Borden)

How great was it to see adventures of Ty’s on season 11? Especially when he was with Amy. We love seeing Ty and Amy on our screens. It is quite emotional to see the daughter of Amy and Ty when we had seen the beginning of their love story. However, this is Heartland! No time to being emotional!

We think more detail may include spoilers so let’s keep it brief. We want to talk about Graham Wardle a bit. As you know, he is the reason that we have Ty that we are seeing today. The Canadian actor is 34 years old and personally, he is one of our favorite characters on Heartland!

Heartland Season 11

Lou Fleming

Michelle Morgan (Lou Fleming)

As you can notice, we did not see Lou much in season 11. Of course, the storyline covered this situation differently but we know that it is because the actress portraying Lou who is Michelle Morgan was working on different projects while the shootings of season 11.

It is cool because we saw Lou in many scenes in the seasons of Heartland. We appreciate the space that Michelle Morgan created for being a part of different projects other than Heartland. As we have said, Michelle Morgan has many successful projects. We can say that 40 years old Canadian actress is very hardworking.

Heartland Season 11 Cast

Jack Bartlett

Shaun Johnston (Jack Bartlett)

It is always great to see the scenes of Jack Bartlett. His charisma and way of handling situations are very impressive. Thanks to Shaun Johnston we were able to see many beautiful scenes of Jack Bartlett on Heartland season 11. The fatherly warmness of his character has kept increasing since season 1.

Shaun Johnston is 63 years old and he is Canadian. The actor is very professional when it comes to his work. When it comes to his personal life, we know that he has been married for a long time.

Heartland Season 11 Cast

Georgie Fleming-Morris

Alisha Newton (Georgie Fleming-Morris)

We kept seeing the love life of Georgie throughout season 11. Even if it was disappointing for her from time to time, it was fun to watch her with new stories. Since we are talking about Georgie, we want to give you some personal details about the actor playing Georgie.

Young actress Alisha Newton is 20 years old. Based on her age, you might expect her to be inexperienced but she proves the opposite. She acted on many successful projects. Her talent is natural like her beauty.

Heartland Season 11 Cast

Tim Fleming

Chris Potter  (Tim Fleming)

Well, season 11 was not very enjoyable for Tim. We know Heartland writers are into this kind of health situation storylines, to be honest, sometimes they are successful to make us nervous. We do not want to give spoilers because this article is not a review. If you want to know more about what we are talking about, you should watch Heartland Season 11 right now.

Did you know that Chris Potter is also a musician? Well, we did not know and it was surprising for us. Perfectly, the whole cast of Heartland has a different kind of talent. That is to say, Chris Potter is 61 years old and Canadian.

Heartland Season 11 Cast

Peter Morris

Gabriel Hogan (Peter Morris)

We saw Peter Morris on the second, seventh, tenth, and eighteenth episodes of season 11. Even if we were able to see him for a short period, it was great to watch his scenes. Gabriel Hogan once again did not disappoint us with his acting.

Both parents of Gabriel Hogan were actors just like him. We think his great acting might be genetic. The Canadian actor was born in 1973. We know him from Heartland but he was a part of many important and successful projects.

Heartland Season 11 Cast

Caleb Odell

Kerry James (Caleb Odell)

Likewise, we did not see Caleb on many episodes in Heartland season 11. We only saw him in the second, third, fifth, and eighteenth episodes. No matter what, it was pleasing to follow his storyline. Kerry James and the writers of Heartland are somehow able to keep the character of Caleb interesting and fun to watch.

Kerry James is 35 years old and he is also a successful producer. We love his work as portraying Caleb, so we hope to see him more in the next seasons of Heartland.

Heartland Season 11 Cast

Lisa Stillman and Jack Bartlett

Jessica Steen  (Lisa Stillman)

We loved to see Jessica Steen as Lisa Stillman in Heartland season 11. Even if we were not able to see her in every episode of the season, all of her storylines kept us warm inside. 55 years old Canadian actress Jessica Steen is portraying the character of Lisa Stillman. Since the beginning of the show, she has never lost her ability to make her character more interesting. We appreciate that. We love to see Lisa and Jack together on the show, but in real life, we could not find anything about Jessica Steen’s personal life.

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