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Bridgerton Season 1 RECAP – Bridgerton Family Tree Explained

Bridgerton Season 1 RECAP - Bridgerton Family tree explained
Bridgerton Season 1 RECAP - Bridgerton Family tree explained

The time has come, dear reader, for a Bridgerton Season 1 recap, as the series’ 2nd season is coming to Netflix on 25 March. The series quickly became a hit upon its release according to the data provided by Netflix. The series was watched in 82 million households in its opening month, making it the biggest debut of an original Netflix series (well, until Squid Game changed everything). The show’s instant success made it easily eligible for the 2nd season, and rightly so. However, fans of the show were devastated when they learned that Regé Jean Page was not going to be in the new season.

The show will continue without him though, with the other previous cast members and the new ones together, and it would be the right time to go over the 1st season with Bridgerton Season 1 recap and remember what happened there.

Daphne Bridgerton

Daphne Bridgerton

The most important storyline of the season was the one focusing on Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor) and Simon, the Duke of Hastings, played by the aforementioned Regé Jean Page. When Daphne debuts poorly into the social season, because of her brother’s stubbornness about not liking any suitor, Daphne finds herself in an arrangement with Simon. Because of the popularity of Simon, other people seeing that someone like him is interested in Daphne, her suitors will increase in number, and Simon who is not interested in marriage at all will use Daphne in order to shut off people around him who pressure him to get married.

The arrangement, however, takes an unexpected turn and the two have to get married after getting caught alone in a garden at night ( a big no-no for the period). After getting married, they realize that they “burn” for each other and after getting over Simon not wanting children, the couple decides to have a child and lives happily ever after.

As the show’s primary focus was on Daphne’s and Simon’s relationship, the other characters were more like side characters, one of the most important ones being Anthony (Jonathan Bailey), Daphne’s big brother. In the 1st season, Anthony is in love with an opera singer however he cannot marry her as she is not a suitable, respectable candidate for his family. At the end of the season, they break up, and Anthony realizes he has to find a bride, as he is the oldest son of the Bridgerton family. In the 2nd season, it seems, we are going to be following his search and his love life.

Bridgerton Family tree explained

Bridgerton Family Tree Explained

Bridgerton Family Tree Explained

The Bridgerton family has a total of 8 children and we know how that might be confusing for the viewers. So, here is the Bridgerton family tree, for those who cannot remember who was who:

  • Violet Ledger, the viscountess of Bridgerton, married to Edmund (deceased)
  • Anthony Bridgerton, the oldest son and viscount of Bridgerton.
  • Benedict is the 2nd son of the family.
  • Colin, the 3rd son.
  • Daphne is the 1st daughter and the 4th child of the family.
  • Eloise
  • Francesca
  • Gregory
  • Hyacinth, the youngest child

Where was Bridgerton filmed?

The Bridgerton House in the series

The Bridgerton House in the series

Although the show is set in London in the 19th century, the actual filming took place across several locations in England. For example, the Bridgerton house is actually called the Ranger’s House, a villa situated in Greenwich, southeast London. Lady Danbury’s house, on the other hand, is situated in Bath. The building functions as the Holburne Museum. The other major filming locations were in Bath, Kent, York, and many other areas throughout England.

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What happened to Eloise Bridgerton in Bridgerton Season 1?

What happened to Eloise Bridgerton?

What happened to Eloise?

In the 1st season, we see an Eloise (Claudia Jessie) that does not want to get married. All she wants to do is to read books. She is also friends with Penelope Featherington. Towards the end of the season, we see her starting an investigation on Lady Whistledown and at one time, she even teams up with none other than the Queen. However, at the end of the season, she cannot find Lady Whistledown’s real identity.

Eloise is the next in line who will have to debut in the social season and she has to find a suitable groom. We do not know if her entrance is going to take place in the 2nd season, but we know for sure that she will continue looking for Lady Whistledown.

Julie Andrews Bridgerton Details
Julie Andrews is the voice of Lady Whistledown

Julie Andrews is the voice of Lady Whistledown

The most mysterious character of the series, Lady Whistledown, is voiced by Julie Andrews, the legendary actress. Whistledown is a faceless character, so we only hear her voice, which means we did not see Julie Andrews in the series. It is not certain whether we are going to see her or not, since Lady Whistledown turned out to be Penelope, a teenager, and Andrews’ voice was put there, most likely, to trick the audience.

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