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8 Best Squid Game Characters Ranked From Abdul Ali to Hwang Jun-ho!

Best Squid Game Characters Ranked
Best Squid Game Characters Ranked

Inspired by children’s games, Squid Game is a survival drama that follows a group of people with financial problems who participate in deadly games. The South Korean series reveals the monstrous part of humanity and shows the potential of humanity to do evil in order to survive. Therefore, Squid Game characters are ready to reveal the evil within themselves in order to survive and get rid of their financial problems.

1. Kang Sae-byeok

Best Squid Game Characters Ranked - Kang Sae-byeok

Kang Sae-byeok

Kang Sae-byeok takes the first place among the best Squid Game characters. Her motive for participating in the games is to earn money and reunite her family, which was separated when they tried to leave her native North Korea. Sae-byeok’s determination to win the game impressed most viewers and made her one of the most endearing characters in the series. Nevertheless, her fans were very disappointed when Sang-woo stabbed her in the neck and she died due to the high blood loss.

2. Abdul Ali

Best Squid Game Characters Ranked - Abdul Ali

Abdul Ali

Abdul Ali can be considered the second best character in the series. His selfless and emphatic character is probably the reason why viewers love him so much. As an immigrant, Ali wants to build a better life for his family. He came from Pakistan to make ends meet, and participating in the games was a way for him to earn some money. Unfortunately, he lost his life at the Marbles game because of Sang-woo, who made him think they could both win.

3. Hwang Jun-ho

Best Squid Game Characters Ranked - Hwang Jun-ho

Hwang Jun-ho

Among the Squid Game characters, Hwang Jun-ho is probably the most special because he doesn’t participate in the games. He’s a police officer who infiltrates the place where the games are held to find his missing brother and uncover the horrible reality behind the games. He surprisingly finds out that his brother won the Squid Game and became the Front Man.

In Season 1, we were convinced that he was killed when he met his brother. However, many fans also believe that he’ll return in Squid Game Season 2.

4. Seong Gi-hun

Best Squid Game Characters Ranked - Seong Gi-hun

Seong Gi-hun

Seong Gi-hun is the main protagonist of Squid Game, but fans are divided: they either love him or hate him. On one hand, he’s a divorced man who’s an excessive gambling problem and has problems with his mother and daughter. He doesn’t seem to be a perfect father and also takes advantage of his mother by taking money from her. On the other hand, it can be said that Seong Gi-hun tries hard to be a good father and keep his daughter in the country, which is the reason why he joins the games. He gives the money to Sang-woo’s mother and returns to the games after winning the Squid Game.

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5. Ji-yeong

Best Squid Game Characters Ranked - Ji-yeong


Like most of the Squid Game characters, Ji-yeong has a traumatic past. In episode 6, we learned that Ji-yeong killed her father to avenge him after he stabbed her mother. So she spent her life in prison before joining the games, and because of that, she’s no plan for her future. That’s why she sacrificed herself for Sae-byeok so that she can live. Fans of the series wanted to see Ji-yeong on screen more often, but her dedication to herself left an unforgettable impression on viewers.

6. Han Mi-nyeo

Best Squid Game Characters Ranked - Han Mi-nyeo

Han Mi-nyeo

Han Mi-nyeo is a manipulative and selfish woman who’s not the best among the other Squid Game characters. She’s a bully who takes advantage of the other players to get what she wants. Although we initially believed that she joined the games to pay her debts and take care of her child, we later found out that she lied to attract attention. As for her death, we can say that she prepared her death with her own hands. She grabbed Deok-su on the glass stepping stones, which resulted in their death.

7. Cho Sang-woo

Best Squid Game Characters Ranked - Cho Sang-woo

Cho Sang-woo

We must come to terms with the fact that Cho Sang-woo isn’t a blameless character. After capturing billions of won, there was only one way for Sang-woo to get out of prison: He must win the Squid Game. So he manipulates other players to ensure his survival. For example, he betrays fan favorite Ali Abdul and gets him killed playing marbles. He also stabbed Kang Sae-byeok, driving her to her death.

Yet, surprisingly, he lets Gi-hun win the game in the end because he believes he’s a better person than he’s.

8. Oh Il-nam

Best Squid Game Characters Ranked - Oh Il-nam

Oh Il-nam

Oh Il-nam, also known as Player 001, is one of the oldest characters in Squid Game. He’s an incurable brain tumor and therefore will die soon. At the beginning of the series, he gained sympathy and became a fan favorite. Moreover, his death shocked most of the fans. However, later we found out that he was the one who orchestrated the Squid Game and made many people suffer and die. Thus, he lost his place among the most popular characters and became the worst character of the series.

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