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5 Worst Squid Game Characters Ranked From Jang Deok-su to Cho Sang-woo!

Worst Squid Game Characters Ranked
Worst Squid Game Characters Ranked

There are good Squid Game characters who mean no harm to anyone, and there are other characters who’re pure evil. They intentionally harm others; they’re manipulative, selfish, and egotistical. When we talk about these traits, you probably immediately think of some characters from the series. In this article, we’ve listed the worst Squid Game characters according to fans’ opinions. Let’s get right into it!

1. Jang Deok-su

Worst Squid Game Characters Ranked - Jang Deok-su

Jang Deok-su

Jang Deok-su is considered the number one among the worst Squid Game characters. He’s a typical mobster and bully who uses violence to dominate others and stay alive. As the most ruthless character in the series, Deok-su knows no remorse when he harms people. So he kills the other players with all his might. He instigates a riot and causes the deaths of 27 players. But he doesn’t have the happiest ending either, because Han Mi-nyeo, his lover, kills him in the Glass Stepping Stone.

2. Oh Il-nam

Worst Squid Game Characters Ranked - Oh Il-nam

Oh Il-nam

Player 001, also known as Oh Il-nam, comes in at #2 on our list of the worst Squid Game characters. Although he was introduced as an innocent old man at the beginning of the series, his true identity unfolded as the series progressed.

Oh Il-nam was suffering from an incurable brain tumor, which initially left most fans dismayed and full of sympathy for him. They were devastated by his death. However, it later turned out that he wasn’t the lovable old man we thought he was. On the contrary, he was a villain who staged the Squid Game to have a good time before he bit the dust. So fans changed their perceptions of him and decided that he was one of the most evil characters in the series.

3. Han Mi-nyeo

Worst Squid Game Characters Ranked - Han Mi-nyeo

Han Mi-nyeo

Han Mi-nyeo, who’d a sexual affair with Jang Deok-su, is no less evil than him. At first, we assumed that she participates in the games to pay off debts and take care of her child, but later we found out that she lies to gain attention and sympathy, and that she never wanted a child. Her selfishness and manipulative nature make her a bully who uses other people to get what she wants. She’s the main motive for the turmoil Deok-su caused by persuading him and his gang of thugs to take extra food. What’s more, she prepared the death of Deok-su and herself: She grabbed him from the glass stepping stones and killed them both.

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4. Cho Sang-woo

Worst Squid Game Characters Ranked - Cho Sang-woo

Cho Sang-woo

Cho Sang-woo is one of the worst characters in Squid Game. He’s stolen billions of won and joined the Squid Game in order to stay out of prison by winning the game. Therefore, he manipulates and cheats other players to ensure his survival. Probably many fans hate him because he caused the death of two popular characters of the series: Abdul Ali and Kang Sae-byeok.

However, although he’s not afraid of deceiving others, he also helps his team win the tug-of-war. Moreover, he lets Gi-hun, his best friend from school, win the game in the end because he believes that he deserves to win the game because he’s a better person than him.

5. Seong Gi-hun

Worst Squid Game Characters Ranked - Seong Gi-hun

Seong Gi-hun

The main protagonist of the series, Seong Gi-hun, is a morally gray character. Because of this, he’s divided Squid Game fans into two camps: Seong Gi-hun lovers and Seong Gi-hun haters. We’ve to admit that he doesn’t fit the hero ideal in our minds. He’s imperfect and has many weaknesses. For example, he’s a compulsive gambling problem and takes advantage of his mother by taking money from her regularly. Also, he’s not the best father in the world.

Having said that, Seong Gi-hun is also the most advanced among the Squid Game characters. His character has evolved throughout the series. He tries to be a good father and wants to keep his daughter in the country – that was the main reason why he participated in Squid Game in the first place. At the end of Season 1, after winning the game, Gi-hun gave the money to Sang-woo’s mother and returned to the games, which made us curious about what’ll happen in Squid Game Season 2.

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