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6666 will be better than Yellowstone?

Yellowstone vs. 6666
Yellowstone vs. 6666

As the Yellowstone universe grows every single day, our excitement for new projects accelerates as well. While historical projects such as 1932 absolutely attract attention, arguably the most anticipated TV show of this brilliant universe is 6666.

If we claim that the past four years have been the years of Taylor Sheridan, the creator of Yellowstone, we wouldn’t be so wrong. Well, it seems like his domination over the TV will continue in the upcoming years as well since he is coming up with two new spin-offs that will make Yellowstone fans happy.

One of the spin-offs, 1883, is already on air and is beloved by not only the audience but also the critics. The series focuses on the early Duttons who are on their way to Montana with the hope of having a better life. Their journey is filled with dangers and deadly threats, which is a hard watch but also an interesting one. 

Jimmy in 6666 ranch

Jimmy in 6666 ranch

Who are Duttons in Yellowstone?

Now, you may wonder, why are these Duttons so important that they get a new series focusing on their ancestors? The Duttons are the main characters of the Yellowstone TV show, the owners of the Yellowstone ranch who are fighting to protect their ranch and lifestyle. It seems like ordinary work at first, however, the Yellowstone ranch has a lot of enemies and threats that require at most attention at all times.

The story itself is pretty creative as we constantly witness new plot twists and plotlines that change the entire course of the scenario. And yet, the characters are the ones who carry the show upon their shoulders. John Dutton is the patriarch of the family who prioritizes Yellowstone ranch more than anything else. He is strong, heartless and a man to be afraid of as he has the means and will to do whatever he wants to whomever he wants.

Beth Dutton is his daughter, who is a smart but unpredictable woman who makes everything a little bit more complicated. She is too similar to John in terms of her personality, to the point that arguably she might be more dangerous and heartless than John when it comes to everyone but her family.

Kayce is the son of John, who might be the most lovable person in the family since he can be genuinely categorized as a good man. That being said, he is also extremely loyal to his family and is willing to do anything his father wants him to do. Last but not least, there is Jamie Dutton who is the adopted son of the family that grew up to be the Attorney General of Montana.

He has a highly complicated relationship with his family as half of the family hates him while the other half does not love him enough to make him a true part of the family. All these characters make the show what it is today, which is being one of the best shows on TV.

Jimmy and Mia

Jimmy and Mia

What is 6666 about?

Since 1883 focuses on the 200 years old prior and is taking place in a completely different setting, we see it mostly as a companion show that complements Yellowstone with its input. However, when it comes to the other spin-off of the show, 6666, we feel like there is more rivalry energy since it is focusing on yet another ranch, located in Texas, which is the heart of the country life.

It is no secret that when it comes to country life, Texas is the one that takes the lead, while others like Montana are merely follow-ups. This fact alone creates a slight rivalry between the two shows. In Yellowstone, we sometimes get a glimpse of life in the Yellowstone ranch as we watch them having cattle drives and making other ranchers and cowboy stuff. However, these scenes constitute the smallest part of the show, since the main focus is on the characters and their socio-political and emotional journey.

6666 ranch in Texas

6666 ranch in Texas

Where is 6666 taking place?

6666, however, is taking place in the 4 Sixes Ranch in Texas which is a real ranch that has been active since the 19th century, making it one of the biggest and oldest ranches in the world. Sheridan, who is the owner of this ranch now, is dreaming to capture the daily life of this ranch in his new series by placing Jimmy from Yellowstone at the center of the story. We all know how much Jimmy wants to be a cowboy, which makes the Texas ranch a perfect place for him.

Jimmy and Colby

Jimmy and Colby

What are the differences between Yellowstone and 6666?

This means that compared to Yellowstone, 6666 will have more documentary-like features that will present a more realistic outlook of the country and ranch life. This is a major plus for the show because many people watch Yellowstone get a glimpse of what modern country life looks like. Now, compared to 6666, Yellowstone will be too fictional. Besides, there is the fact that most Yellowstone characters are far from realistic, as they have extreme motives and actions at all times.

6666, however, is focusing more moderate people with small-scaled lives and dreams just like most of us, which makes them more relatable. Since the show did not even start yet, it is difficult to talk about the show and claim that it will be better than Yellowstone.

We doubt it will be better than Yellowstone. Still, it will be a strong candidate to rival Yellowstone since it will have more realistic portrayals that will attract the viewers who dislike the violent and extreme portions of Yellowstone. We can even claim that 6666 will be a more family-friendly show, making its target audience range wider than Yellowstone. 

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