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Vikings: Valhalla – What to expect from Vikings spin-off series?

Vikings: Valhalla
Vikings: Valhalla What to expect from Vikings spin-off series

Vikings: Valhalla starts at the beginning of the eleventh century and follows the fabled exploits of some of the most renowned Vikings of all time. The show includes Leif Eriksson, Freydis Eriksdotter, Harald Hardrada, and Norman King William the Conqueror. As these characters struggle for survival in an ever-changing and rapidly alternating environment, these men and women will forge a trail of their own for their future.

Vikings: Valhalla carries the bloodshed and magnificence of the Viking Age with it. The new show, a sequel of the iconic History Channel show Vikings, makes a comeback on Netflix. It is set 100 years after the initial series’ end. As the new Christian worshippers and those who still embrace the Norse gods begin to conflict, the Vikings draw swords with the English as well as with one another.

Freydis and Leif in Vikings: Valhalla.

Freydis and Leif in Vikings: Valhalla.

In Vikings: Valhalla. you will not see the perfect characters you are used to seeing. Unlike the original TV show, this one is not focused on ideal characters. Rather, Valhalla seems to be most concerned about how Vikings remained the same even though their dominance and oppressive power changed in many ways.

There is still dangerous religious conflict in Vikings: Valhalla, and as everybody knows, England becomes the major place to invade. The main vibe you got from Vikings will not appear to be changed significantly, but here is a warning: Vikings: Valhalla is nothing like the original Vikings.

Vikings: Valhalla Trailer

Vikings: Valhalla Trailer

Vikings: Valhalla Trailer

All we can say about the Vikings: Valhalla trailer is that it is full of gore, glory, and history. It looks like the director will not be cutting anything down on the blood again, continuing the tradition of the original series.

The Vikings: Valhalla trailer offers viewers a first peek at the brutal fight sequences. “You have been summoned here to avenge the death of Vikings,” King Canute shouts to the crowd of Vikings who are there to actually avenge their ancestors. He then demands, “Bring me England!”. This scene was more than enough for the viewers to get goosebumps.

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Harald Sigurdsson tells his men: “This blood is not my blood. It is our blood. It is Viking blood.” It is another quote from the trailer that is enough to get everybody hyped up considering he was the former King of Norway.

Vikings: Valhalla Release Date

Showrunner Jeb Stuart makes a comment on his work: “My objective would be for you to look back at the conclusion of both shows and think, ‘Wow, that was really wonderful when they were just murdering those Saxons, I miss the purity of that moment,” and it looks like he is really proud of all the gore and blood that comes with the show.

On February 25, Netflix will release all of the dramatic action scenes, brutal fights, fur-lined costumes, and elegant sailboats. Vikings: Valhalla is scheduled to premiere on Netflix on February 25th, 2022. The release will include all chapters available at the same time, so no one will have to wait for the next week. We do not know if that is a good thing or a bad thing, but we know binge-watchers have a big smile on their face with this piece of news.

Just keep the time difference in mind. Fans in the United States will be able to see the new episode at night, while fans in the United Kingdom will be able to watch it at 8 a.m. The program began filming in August 2020. It was five months later than originally planned, but fans will finally be able to watch the show in one go.

The original Vikings series was created for the History Channel in the United States and has aired on Amazon Prime Video, but Vikings: Valhalla will make a comeback on Netflix.

Vikings: Valhalla Episodes

Vikings: Valhalla Episodes

Vikings: Valhalla Episodes

The series, which will be streamed on 25 February 2022, will consist of 24 episodes.

The first preview was published by Netflix in December, offering fans a glimpse of what is to expect. However, the current video we have shared above surely heats up the excitement.

While the first season has yet to air, show executives are already planning for the future. Jeb Stuart, who is the showrunner of Viking: Valhalla, recently stated that the famous TV show has been ordered for 24 episodes. He also noted that they are already getting ready for the 3rd season of Vikings.

Vikings: Valhalla Characters

Vikings: Valhalla Characters

Vikings: Valhalla Characters

The sequel to ‘Vikings,’ set 100 years later. Vikings: Valhalla revolves around famous adventurer Leif Eriksson (Sam Corlett), his sister Freydis Eriksdotter (Frida Gustavsson), and Nordic prince Harald Sigurdsson (Leo Suter). The series’ cast has been confirmed, and it includes a mix of Nordic and English performers.

The rest of the cast for the new series was announced in January 2021, with the primary actors being The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’s Sam Corlett as Leif Eriksson. Swedish model Frida Gustavsson will act as Freydis Eriksdotter. You might know her since she had previously acted in The Witcher as Ma.

A scene from Vikings:Valhalla.

A scene from Vikings: Valhalla.

Leo Suter will play Harald Sigurdsson. He has made appearances in a lot of famous historical dramas in the UK. You might know him from Sanditon and Victoria. In addition, Keeping Faith star Bradley Freegard will perform King Canute.

Another familiar face will be the former Game of Thrones and The Last Kingdom cast member Jóhannes Jóhannesson. He will play the part of Olaf Haraldson.

Other actors we should mention are German actress Laura Berlin. She will act as Emma of Normandy and David Oakes will be Earl Godwin. Singer Caroline Henderson will take the part of Jarl Haakon, and Pollyanna McIntosh will act as Queen lfgifu.

Jeb Stuart is well-known from the Die Hard series and he is serving as a show-runner to Vikings: Valhalla. Last but not least, we are bringing the good news: some of the original Vikings actors will make a comeback.

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