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Lily Borden From Heartland – Who is Megan Follows?

Lily Borden Heartland
Lily Borden Heartland

Heartland is known for its complex characters who are coming from interesting backgrounds that enrich their personalities even more. At that point, Ty comes to the forefront as one of the most original characters whose past surprises us all. Especially his relationship with her mother, Lily Borden from Heartland, is regarded as one of the most underrated storylines of the series in its 15 years long run time. 

Lily Borden from Heartland is Ty’s mother who was married to Brad Borden, father of Ty. However, Brad leaves the family when Ty was just a child. Then, Lily married Wade Dalton, an abusive man who has ruined Ty’s childhood. Wade was also violent against Lily, which eventually forced Ty to take a stand against him. However, his beating Wade up causes him to be removed from his family, and leads him all the way to the Heartland ranch. 

Lily Borden from Heartland is Ty's mother.

Lily Borden from Heartland is Ty’s mother.

Lily Borden from Heartland first thinks that it is best for everyone if she stays away from Ty. Since she remained married to wade for a few more years, she was having trouble justifying her presence in her son’s life. However, then, she decided to make a comeback and be a part of Ty’s life. 

Since Ty was a highly important character for Heartland, her mother also attracted much attention as people wanted to know more about her. Often, audiences felt pity for her as she always showed her regret of not being there for her son when he needed her. Beyond that, she was also struggling to stand up for herself, which made her a tragic character with a tragic life. Still, many blamed her for the years-long suffering of Ty.

Even though Lily Borden from Heartland was not a regular in the show by no means, she was a recurring character that was always interesting to watch. In this article, we will get to know Lily Borden from Heartland. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Megan Follows as Catherine de Medici in Reign.

Megan Follows as Catherine de Medici in Reign.

Who is Megan Follows?

Lily Borden from Heartland is portrayed by Megan Follows, a seasoned Canadian-American actress who is a household name since her childhood. She was playing the part of Anne in the hit TV show franchise Anne of Green Gables back in 1985. Since Anne of Green Gables was already a bellowed book character, her giving life to this adorable girl has been memorable by many. Follows, despite her young age, showed in this role that she is very talented and has a huge potential in the sector. 

Another prominent role of hers was in the historical drama Reign back in 2013. She was starring in the show as Catherine de Medici, one of the most original historical characters that ever lived. 53-years-old Follows was married to Christopher Porter from 1991 to 1996. She has two children.

Lily is being hospitalized due to an overdose after Ty's death.

Lily is being hospitalized due to an overdose after Ty’s death.

What happens to Lily Borden on Heartland?

It’s been a while since Lily Borden from Heartland make an appearance in the show. However, we know that Ty’s sudden death caused her a massive shock and sorrow. First, she reportedly relapsed after finding out about her son’s death. Then, her grief caused her to have an overdose that caused her to end up in both the hospital and the rehab. She survived the overdose, but her suffering remains. It is unfortunate that her life is full of regrets. Still, she is a lucky woman to have a son like Ty, who is more loyal to her than she ever has been to him.

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