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The Noel Diary Release Date, Trailer – When Will the Christmas Movie Be Out?

The Noel Diary Release Date, Trailer
The Noel Diary Release Date, Trailer

Christmas season is at the doorway, and we understand why you might be wondering about the release date of this new movie titled The Noel Diary. According to the synopsis of the movie, when best-selling novelist Jacob Turner, played by Justin Hartley, goes home for the holidays to settle his estranged mother’s estate, he discovers a journal that may contain secrets from his own history as well as Rachel’s, played by Barrett Doss. She is a beautiful young lady on her own mystery journey, and they go on a quest to confront their past and discover a very unexpected future.

We should also give you a glimpse at the behind-the-scenes crew and production team for The Noel Diary: Charles Shyer, the film’s director, most recently directed Alfie and Eloise in Paris, and Charles Shyer, the film’s writer, previously authored Alfie and Father Knows Less, are probably the most important names behind the production.

The Noel Diary is a romantic comedy film made in the United States, and the cast includes a lot of successful names which we will talk about in a bit. As mentioned before, Charles Shyer directed the picture, which was produced by Margret Huddleston, Stephanie Slack, and Ridoyanul Hoq, but in addition to Charles Shyer and Richard Paul Evans, the film’s other writers include Rebecca Connor and David Golden, and their work cannot be overlooked.

The premise revolves around successful novelist Jake Turner, who goes home for the holidays to settle his estranged mother’s inheritance, but when is The Noel Diary’s release date?

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The Noel Diary Release Date

The Noel Diary set

The Noel Diary set

If you are here, you are most probably wondering whether the streamers have decided on a fixed release date for the movie or not. And we have good news: Netflix has released an exciting trailer for the forthcoming film The Noel Diary, which will be released on November 24, 2022. The Noel Diary is an American romantic comedy film based on Richard Paul Evans’ novel of the same name, and the novel also tells the story of a successful novelist, Jake Turner, portrayed by Justin Hartley, who meets an intriguing young lady as he returns home for the holidays to settle his estranged mother’s inheritance.

While doing so, he discovers a journal that may hold the key to his and Rachel’s both future and past. In the film, Justin Harley plays a son who is seeking answers from his recently dead mother and remembers he previously worked on NBC’s highly praised award-winning drama This is Us, which debuted in September 2016. Given that the actor is no new to romantic comedy flicks, we can anticipate him to provide an outstanding performance in this one, too.

Justin Hartley

Justin Hartley

Barret Doss assists Jacob Turner as Rachel on his adventure to find answers to her problems, and you might remember her from Iron Fist, Station 19, and Person of Interest, as all of them have featured the actress. Bonnie Bedelia adopts the part of a compassionate neighbor who directs the main protagonists’ journey, while James Remar and Essence Atkins undertake the roles of Justin Harley’s mother and father, and the other cast members shown in the trailer are Andrea Sooch, Vivian Full, Jeff Corbett, Aaron Costa Ganis, Lauren Yaffe, Jacob Mackinnon, Alexander Blaise, Samantha Smart, Baylen D. Bielitz, Sophia Carlin, Mike Donovan, Gina D’Acciaro, and Blae Morris.

The Noel Diary Trailer Breakdown

The Noel Diary characters

The Noel Diary characters

Jacob Turner, the best-selling author of The Final Midnight, hasn’t gone home in more than two decades, since his mentally ill mother drove him out as a teenager, and as he goes about his ordinary life as an admired author, he receives a phone call from his mother’s estate’s lawyer notifying him that his mother died last week in The Noel Diary teaser. Jacob goes home two decades later, not only because his mother left him a house, but also to reflect on the suffering he suffered with his violent mother.

He runs across Rachel, a lady who is also hunting for the estate, as he gets to Turner’s house, and the woman who used to work there as a nanny’s daughter, is looking for her mother. Jacob and Rachel embark on a mission to find the realities of their history and heal the wounds. You can watch the trailer of the movie down below.

Where can I watch The Noel Diary?

The Noel Diary, a romantic comedy-drama film, will be broadcast on Netflix and made available to stream internationally on November 24, 2022, so you can watch it there. The Noel Diary, which will soon be a Netflix feature, has a touching story of a writer who had a difficult life and overcame hurdles, along with quirky and engaging characters, which is perfect for the holiday season. Only time will tell if it lives up to book readers’ expectations because we all know the controversy about books turned into movies.

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