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Snabba Cash Season 3 Release Date, Trailer – Is it Canceled?

Snabba Cash Season 3 Release Date, Trailer
Snabba Cash Season 3 Release Date

Is Snabba Cash canceled or will there be another season? When will Snabba Cash Season 3 be released? Here’s everything we know so far.

The series is based on Jens Lapidus’ Stockholm Noir novel trilogy, the first part of which was adapted into three films: Easy Money, Easy Money II: Hard to Kill and Easy Money III: Life Deluxe. Snabba Cash is set in Stockholm, ten years after the film trilogy.

Easy Money (2010)

Easy Money (2010)

The series revolves around an aspiring tech entrepreneur named Leya who’s looking for an investor to fund her start-up TargetCoach. She eventually meets an investor named Tomas Storm, but before he can invest in her company, Leya has to pay off the previous investors. She takes out a loan from her brother-in-law, a drug dealer, and uses the drug money to pay off her investors. A step into the criminal world entangles her in a web of brutality and ruthlessness until she finds a way out.

Snabba Cash is a cat-and-mouse game that will keep you enthralled and won’t let you leave the screen until you have binge-watched all the episodes. The series has 2 seasons and a total of 12 episodes, so far. Snabba Cash Season 3, on the other hand, is already eagerly awaited by fans of the series. Without further ado, let’s get to the latest news about the next season of Snabba Cash!

Snabba Cash Season 3 Release Date

Snabba Cash Season 3

Snabba Cash Season 3

A 2nd season of the series was announced shortly after the premiere of Season 1. Snabba Cash Season 2 was released in September 2022 and there’s no announcement of renewal from Netflix yet. However, we must note that it’s still too early for the Swedish series to be renewed, as Netflix takes into account the overall ratings and viewing time of the series, which takes about a month. The series was well received by the audience and viewers and its overall rating on IMDb is 7.6, so we expect Snabba Cash Season 3 to be announced sometime between November and December 2022.

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As for the release date of Snabba Cash Season 3, we can say that the series will probably be released after the summer of 2023 if it’s renewed. Unfortunately, since there’s no word about the next season yet, there’s no trailer either. That’s why we’re providing you with the trailer of Snabba Cash Season 2 in case you haven’t seen the series yet or want to recap what happened:

To speculate, we can say that Snabba Cash Season 3 will probably consist of 6 episodes, like the previous seasons. The cast of the next season is also likely to remain unchanged. The main cast of Snabba Cash consists of the following actors and actresses:

Evin Ahmad as Leya

Alexander Abdallah as Salim

Ali Alarik as Tim

Olle Sarri as Thomas Storm

Nadja Christiansson as Ronja

Peter Eggers as Marcus Werner

Ayaan Ahmed as Nala

Dada Fungula Bozela as Ravy

Egon Ebbersten as Martin Wallin

What is the Meaning of Snabba Cash?

What is the Meaning of Snabba Cash?

Snabba Cash means easy money.

The rough meaning of Snabba Cash is Easy Money. The word “Snabba” in Swedish means something like fast, quick, ready and smart. Therefore, the story of the show justifies its title with the approach that anything that comes easy and fast doesn’t last long.

What Country is Snabba Cash?

What Country is Snabba Cash?

Snabba Cash is a Swedish TV series.

Snabba Cash is a Swedish TV series written by Jens Lapidus and Oskar Söderlund and directed by Jesper Ganslandt. Swedish productions have been attracting the attention of Netflix viewers lately. For example, there are numerous Swedish TV series on the streaming platform, ranging from coming-of-age stories to crime dramas and comedies. In addition to Snabba Cash, there are other high-quality Swedish TV series on Netflix such as Young Royals, Love & Anarchy and Caliphate.

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