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5 Shows Like Snabba Cash – What to Watch If You Are a Snabba Cash Fan?

5 Shows Like Snabba Cash
5 Shows Like Snabba Cash

​Swedish crime series Snabba Cash has caught the attention of Netflix viewers worldwide, and no doubt fans of the series have already binged the 2nd season, which was released in September 2022. If you’re one of them and you’re looking for more shows like Snabba Cash, you’ve come to the right place. Because we’ve listed here 5 similar series to the popular Swedish series. If you’re ready, let’s get started!

1. Top Boy

Shows Like Snabba Cash - Top Boy

Top Boy

The first on our list of shows like Snabba Cash is Top Boy. The British crime series, developed and written by Ronan Bennett, is set in the fictional Summerhouse estate in the London borough of Hackney and revolves around two drug dealers, Dushane and Sully, and others involved in drug dealing and gang crime in London. After two seasons and despite high ratings, Top Boy was canceled by Channel 4

Fortunately, rapper Drake took care of the situation and Netflix decided to renew the series with the original cast and Drake on the executive producer team. The series is considered one of the best British series on Netflix and has been praised by critics and viewers in various categories. Thus, Top Boy received a number of awards, including BAFTA TV Awards. The 5th and final season of the series is already underway. You can watch all seasons on Netflix.

2. Gomorrah

Shows Like Snabba Cash - Gomorrah


Gomorrah, also known as Gomorra – La serie, is an Italian crime series created by Roberto Saviano. The series follows the story of a member of the Savastano clan of the mafia group Camorra, who must fight his way through the dangers of the criminal world while fighting a brutal civil war. The series consists of 5 seasons and a spin-off movie The Immortal, which is both a prequel and a continuation of events after the third season of the series. Gomorrah stars Marco D’Amore and Salvatore Esposito in the main roles. The series has received critical acclaim for characterization, pacing, atmosphere, acting, direction and script. It’s available on Disney+ and Netflix.

3. McMafia

Shows Like Snabba Cash - McMafia


Another British crime series among shows like Snabba Cash is McMafia. Inspired by the book McMafia: A Journey Through the Global Criminal Underworld by journalist Misha Glenny, the series was developed by Hossein Amini and James Watkins. The story revolves around the son of a Russian mafia boss who grew up in Britain and lives in London, where his father tries to escape the world of organized crime. James Norton stars in the lead role, alongside David Strathairn, Juliet Rylance and Merab Ninidze in supporting roles. You can watch all 8 episodes of McMafia on Amazon Prime Video.

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4. Quicksand

Shows Like Snabba Cash - Quicksand


It’s not possible to leave out Quicksand when we talk about shows like Snabba Cash, because both series are Swedish productions. Moreover, like Snabba Cash, the crime series Quicksand is based on a novel. The story revolves around a shooting in the high school of Djursholm. At the age of 18, Maja Norberg is arrested and suspected of murder. The protagonist admits to the murder early on, but denies the crime – the trial is more about why the murder was committed than whether it was committed.

Although the story isn’t 100% based on true events, it was written to reflect the real class inequalities observed in Sweden. Quicksand is the first Swedish-language series on the Netflix platform and is available there.

5. Suburra

Shows Like Snabba Cash - Suburra: Blood on Rome

Suburra: Blood on Rome

Here’s another Italian series on our list of shows like Snabba Cash. Suburra: Blood on Rome is a must-see for anyone interested in the Italian mafia, as inspired by the novel of the same name, the story of Suburra is based on the real events of the investigation against the Mafia Capitale and focuses on power struggles and corruption between organized crime, politicians and church people. The series is based on the 2015 movie Suburra, so we recommend you watch the series first to avoid discovering the whole story. The series includes a total of 3 seasons, all of which are available to stream on Netflix.

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