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Romulus Cast – Ages, Partners, Characters

Romulus Cast - Ages, Partners, Characters
Romulus Cast

Romulus, also written as ROMVLVS, is one of the most interesting and compelling historical TV series about the founding of Rome because the Romulus cast in the series use the language of archaic Latin, rather than English or Italian. Thus, the success and popularity of the series isn’t only due to the well-developed plot, but also to the actors and actresses who show excellent acting performances. Let’s get to know Romulus cast in more detail.

Marianna Fontana

Romulus Cast - Marianna Fontana as Ilia

Marianna Fontana as Ilia

Marianna Fontana is a 25-year-old Italian actress who plays the role of Ilia, the daughter of Amulius and priestess of Vesta. The actress has starred in the films Indivisible, Capri Revolution, Carosello Carosone and I fratelli De Filippo. She’s also recently starred in two films, Gold Diggers and L’Ultima Volta Che Siamo Stati Bambini, which are currently in post-production.

Although we don’t have much information about Montana’s personal life, it seems that the actress is currently single.

Francesco Di Napoli

Romulus Cast - Francesco Di Napoli as Wiros

Francesco Di Napoli as Wiros

The 21-year-old Italian actor Francesco Di Napoli is featured in Romulus cast with his role as Wiros, a slave of Velia. He made his acting debut in 2015 with the feature film Piranhas. Then he was cast in Romulus in 2020. In 2021, the rising actor made an appearance in some episodes of the TV series Mina Settembre. Most recently, Di Napoli starred in another feature film titled La notte più lunga dell’anno.

Apparently, the young actor isn’t currently in a relationship. He prefers to focus on his career.

Andrea Arcangeli

Romulus Cast - Andrea Arcangeli as Yemos

Andrea Arcangeli as Yemos

Andrea Arcangeli is a 29-year-old Italian actor who’s joined Romulus cast with his role as Yemos, the prince of Alba Longa and the twin brother of Enitos. The actor started acting on stage, but his first job on TV is the 2014 series Romeo and Juliet, after which he starred in several other TV series such as Fuoriclasse, Il paradiso delle signore and Trust. Among the movies he acted in are Baggio: The Divine Ponytail, The Mute Man of Sardinia and Tomorrow’s a New Day.

There’s not much information about Arcangeli’s personal life. However, there are rumors that he’s dating actress Matilda De Angelis.

Demetra Avincola

Romulus Cast - Demetra Avincola as Deftri

Demetra Avincola as Deftri

Demetra Avincola is an Italian actress in her late 20s. She is in Romulus cast and portrays the character Deftri, a young warrior who’s attracted to Wiros. The actress made her TV debut with the series Un medico in famiglia in 2016 and has subsequently starred in three feature films: Fortunata, The Family House and Loro.

According to reports, Avincola isn’t currently dating anyone.

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Vanessa Scalera

Romulus Cast - Vanessa Scalera as Silvia

Vanessa Scalera as Silvia

The 45-year-old Italian actress Vanessa Scalera plays Silvia, the daughter of King Numitor and mother of Yemos and Enitos. The actress has starred in numerous films so far, but she’s best known for her roles in Diabolik, Vincere and L’Armunita. Among the TV series she’s starred in are Imma Tataranni – Deputy Prosecutor, L’Aquila – Grandi speranze and Squadra antimafia – Palermo oggi.

The actress is romantically involved with actor and theater director Filippo Gili. The two have been together for years, although there are very few public photos of them.

Ivana Lotito

Romulus Cast - Ivana Lotito as Gala

Ivana Lotito as Gala

Ivana Lotito is a 39-year-old Italian actress who plays the role of Gala, wife of Amulius and mother of Ilia, in Romulus. The actress has appeared in films such as Letters to Juliet, Rosa pietra stella and Il grande spirito. Among the TV series in which she appeared are Immaturi – La serie, Fear of Loving and Rebel Land. Most recently, Lotito was seen in the well-known and popular series Gomorrah, in the role of Azzurra Avitabile.

According to rumors, the actress is in a relationship with an unknown man from Napoli. She’s two children with him.

Giovanni Buselli

Romulus Cast - Giovanni Buselli as Enitos

Giovanni Buselli as Enitos

Giovanni Buselli is a 28-year-old Italian actor who stars in Romulus with his role as Enitos, the son of King Numitor and twin brother of Yemos. The actor has had small appearances in TV series such as La nuova squadra, Thou Shalt Not Kill and I bastardi di Pizzofalcone. However, besides his role in Romulus, Buselli is best known for his appearances in Gomorrah and My Brilliant Friend.

There’s no concrete information about the actor’s private life. So we don’t know if he’s a girlfriend or not.

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