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Man vs. Bee Season 2 Release Date, Trailer – Is it Canceled?

Man vs. Bee Season 2 Release Date, Trailer
Man vs. Bee Season 2 Release Date, Trailer

Man vs. Bee, the latest comedy series written by William Davies and Rowan Atkinson, has just dropped on Netflix. The lead actor is also Rowan Atkinson, the man who gave life to the infamous characters Mr. Bean and Johnny English, and he plays a housesitter named Trevor. Trevor is supposed to look after a house while its owners are on a trip, but he soon finds himself in an epic battle against a bee, a battle that does not end well for the house.

Man vs. Bee is a short series with episodes ranging from 11 to 19 minutes. The series only has 9 episodes, so it is really easy to consume. With Atkinson’s incredible comedic acting, you will not realize how that time passes so quickly. So, while we recommend you watch the series, we also have news regarding the show’s future and a Season 1 recap for those who want a summary.

Man vs. Bee Season 2 Release Date

Man vs. Bee Season 2 release date

Man vs. Bee Season 2 release date

As discussed below, Season 1 ended on a premise with limitless potential. Trevor’s rage against a bee could work in any setting in subsequent seasons. Yet, Netflix rarely renews shows immediately when they are released as the platform waits a few weeks to see how well the series do with viewership numbers. So, there is no word as the whether the show will be renewed or canceled.

Even if the show was renewed, it is difficult to predict a possible release date because the filming information for Season 1 is limited. We know it was filmed in the UK, but we don’t know when. So, it is hard to determine how long does a filming last for this kind of series. It must not have been too long since the episodes are relatively short. We believe the filming and then the post-production stage would not last more than a year, so we can see Man vs. Bee Season 2 in the summer of 2023.

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Man vs. Bee Season 1 Recap

Man vs. Bee Season 1 recapMan vs. Bee Season 1 recap

Man vs. Bee Season 1 recap

Here is the Man vs. Bee Season 1 recap: The season starts up with Trevor getting fired from jobs one after the other. He is divorced from his wife and has a daughter that wants to have some daddy-daughter bonding on a trip. Trevor is a good-hearted man who wants to get his life to go on that holiday with his precious daughter. So, he finds a housesitting job for a very wealthy family. The house is full of luxurious items and expensive sculptures, and there is also a dog named Cupcake.

At first, the task seems easy for Trevor until a bee enters the scene and starts to bother him. Then, a battle ensues between the two, and Trevor becomes obsessive about trying to destroy the bee. Flamethrowers and even bombs are used in this vicious war which results in the house getting almost destroyed, with the most valuable items in it already damaged or gone.

Also, Trevor has to deal with 3 different thieves trying to come into the house and steal some stuff. In the end, after Cupcake is wounded by a tree falling on him and not even the bomb does not kill the bee, Trevor loses himself and uses a flamethrower to kill the bee, destroying everything else that comes in his way. Right at that moment, the house owners come in and see Trevor demolishing their house.

Trevor is arrested and is sent down to prison for 3 years. The owners of the house are given 9 million pounds in insurance payments. 3 months after, we see Trevor eating in the prison cafeteria and hearing one of the thieves who broke into the mansion saying the owner hired him to rob the house to get insurance payments. After learning this, Trevor is released, and the owner is arrested.

The final scene shows Trevor and his daughter going on that trip together. Once again, a bee comes to bother him, and he goes on a spree to destroy the animal, learning no lessons from his prison experience—a fitting end to the series.

What is Mr. Bean’s real name?

What is Mr Bean's real name?

What is Mr. Bean’s real name?

Man vs. Bee’s Rowan Atkinson’s infamous character is, as you know, Mr. Bean, whose 1st name is the object of curiosity. While many people thought that he must have a 1st name that is not presented to the audience, careful viewers will remember that in the movie Bean (1997), his 1st name is seen on the passport as “Mr.” So, his 1st name is really Mr.

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