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Luke Grimes Love Life Explained! – Who is Yellowstone Kayce Dating?

Luke Grimes Love Life Explained! - Who is Yellowstone Kayce Dating?
Luke Grimes Love Life Explained! - Who is Yellowstone Kayce Dating?

One of the best, arguably the best character on the show Yellowstone Kayce has won our hearts with his unending love for the Dutton family and almost Superman-like heroism. Kayce, played by Luke Grimes, loves his family unconditionally and does everything in his power to protect them. He is even kind and protective of the black sheep of the family, Jamie Dutton, played by Wes Bentley, although the 2 have their differences.

The actor who plays Kayce, Luke Grimes, has become really popular with his role in Yellowstone. He is an American actor known for his roles in American Sniper (2014), Fifty Shades of Grey series, and The Magnificent Seven (2016). Most fans are in love with Yellowstone Kayce and wondering about the love life of the actor who plays him.

Luke Grimes age

Luke Grimes and Kelley Asbille

Yellowstone Kayce: Luke Grimes and Yellowstone Monica: Kelley Asbille

As we mentioned above, the actor is 38 years old although he looks so much younger. He was born on January 21, 1984, in Ohio, USA. He was the son of a pastor and went to a Christian high school in Ohio. He later moved to New York City where he started studying acting.

According to his IMDB page, his 1st ever role was Jake in All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006), a movie with Amber Heard as the lead. He later played in True Blood (2008-2014), the famous vampire show, for 6 episodes until leaving the show. There were rumors about his sudden departure claiming that he left the show because he didn’t want to do scenes that involved same-sex kissing or sex, or play a character that was attracted to men. Although his publicist claimed this was not the case and that he left the show to go after other possibilities.

Luke Grimes wife

Luke Grimes and his wife Bianca Rodrigues

Luke Grimes and his wife Bianca Rodrigues

We know all the ladies are wondering if Grimes is taken, well the answer is yes, he is taken. He has been in a marriage with Bianca Rodrigues since 2018. Bianca is a Brasilian model who has more than 200K followers on Instagram. Although Luke tends to keep his private life away from the cameras and the social media, his wife Bianca shares photographs of them together on social media. The couple married on November 21, 2018, and have been together since then.

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Luke Grimes kids

Luke Grimes and wife Bianca Rodrigues

Luke Grimes and his wife Bianca Rodrigues

Our Yellowstone Kayce, Luke Grimes, and his wife Bianca Rodrigues do not have children yet. The couple has been married for only 3,5 years and since Luke is pretty secretive about his personal life, we do not know if they want to have children soon.

Luke Grimes net worth
Luke Grimes (in the middle)

Luke Grimes (in the middle)

According to reports, Luke Grimes gets paid $200.000 per episode, which makes $2 million per season. Considering the fact that the actor is in almost every episode of the show, we gather that he is financially in a good place. Throughout all of the 40 episodes of Yellowstone Kayce was in 39 of them.

His total net worth, however, is amassed at $500.000. Considering that the actor hasn’t really played a major role before Yellowstone Kayce, this amount of net worth definitely makes sense and it is obvious that his net worth is going to increase after he is done with his character Kayce in Yellowstone.

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