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Is Amy Cheating on Ty in Heartland? – Amy and Ty Relationship Explained!

Heartland Ty And Amy

Amy Fleming is one of the lead characters of Heartland. After her mother’s death, she starts working at her family ranch with her sister, father, and grandfather. Ty Borden on the other hand had a rough start in life. He was abused by his stepfather and was arrested and sent to juvenile detention. He was sent to Heartland to work for his probation. He then realized that he enjoyed his life there and decided to stay.

Amy and Ty started off on the wrong foot with each other. But, after a while, they start to bond rather quickly. At the very beginning of their relationship, Ty leaves Amy heartbroken to go find his dad. Then they drift apart and find other partners. Near the end of season 2, they start their relationship officially. Throughout their relationship, they break up more than once. In fact, in season 8, we see that Amy cheated on Ty.

We first see Prince Ahmed in Season 7. He admires Amy’s talent for horses and regularly asks for her help. During their encounters, he fell hard for her. In season 8 as Amy returns from Europe, Ahmed keeps sending her presents to essentially buy her love. He then follows Amy home and declares his love for her. Tim, who has no idea about the situation, asks Ahmed to join them for dinner. During dinner, it is revealed by Georgie that Ahmed is in love with Amy and kissed her back in Europe. Ahmed is later asked to leave by Jack and hasn’t been seen since.

Are Amy and Ty divorced in Heartland?

Amy Fleming and Ty Borden

Amy Fleming and Ty Borden

When the news of the kiss between Amy and Prince Ahmed is revealed in season 8, this makes Ty and Amy put their relationship on hold. This drags on throughout season 8 and they decide to separate. After a while, they make amends and get back together and get married.

So, they separated, but they never got divorced. In fact, in season 9, their relationship blossoms, and they settle into new routines and life together. At the end of the 9th season, Amy reveals that she’s pregnant!

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Who is Amy’s new boyfriend in Heartland?

Amy Fleming and Finn Cotter

Amy Fleming and Finn Cotter

After Ty’s sudden death at the beginning of Season 14, fans were wondering if Amy will get another love interest in Heartland. Because Ty and Amy were a true power couple, his exit from the show felt like this was it for Amy. However, during the 14th season of the show, some sparks light up between Amy and another rancher Sam Langston.

Sam is the owner of Big River Ranch and he’s keen to help Amy out. Amy occasionally lets Sam shelter some wild horses. In all their encounters together, he proves himself to be a proper gentleman. But at the beginning of Season 15, we see another character entering the Heartland family, Finn Cotter. Played by Robert Cormier, the character has a rocky beginning with Amy.

Finn quickly realized his interest in Amy and became more and more interested in her. This crush got him to stay in Hudson even though he didn’t live there. We saw their relationship blossom throughout Season 15. A trailer for the latest season revealed them kissing each other as well. But we are sad to announce that Heartland Finn, Robert Cormier died at the age of 33 after sustaining serious injuries from an accident. So, Amy’s new boyfriend could’ve been Finn Cotter, but his sudden death leaves that door open for now.

Did Amy ever love Ty in Heartland?

Ty, Amy and Lyndy

Ty, Amy and Lyndy

When the show first aired back in 2007, both Ty and Amy were teenagers struggling through life. Both had troubled family backgrounds and were trying to put them behind to move forward. At this tricky point in their lives, fate brought them together. Although it was somewhat a rocky beginning, they quickly felt attracted to each other.

Beyond their impeccable attraction, they also had a strong connection. This is a very important part of their relationship because they started out as very good friends and their relationship turned romantic afterward. The relationship between Ty and Amy went on for 14 seasons. It all ended with Graham Wardle’s decision to leave the show.

After sustaining a gunshot wound, he was killed at the beginning of Season 14. This of course devastated Amy, but she had to move forward with her life. Some found her actions throughout the seasons moving forward a little weird. Some even asked if Amy ever love Ty because she “moved on” very quickly. This opinion seems a little harsh and to be fair, untrue. Amy always came through when he needed her, and they even share a daughter together.

In our opinion, Amy, and Ty, both loved each other very much, and Amy still suffers from his death. Everyone deals with pain differently, and no one should be judged by it.

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  2. jessicabrown-cassner

    November 18, 2022 at 4:24 pm

    Does Amy get with somebody when ty dies in the movie?

    • Aslı Tekgöz

      November 19, 2022 at 7:32 pm

      No, she kind of likes a guy named Finn and they kiss, but it doesn’t lead to anything. So, she’s now with somebody yet.

      • Aslı Tekgöz

        November 19, 2022 at 7:34 pm


  3. Mickey

    May 29, 2023 at 3:53 am

    As long as they don’t bring Ahmed back as Amy’s love which would be a slap in face to ty.and a down grade to amy.

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