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How to Watch Yellowstone Season 4? – Is Yellowstone on Netflix?

Yellowstone Season 4
Yellowstone Season 4

As you know, Yellowstone is the biggest hit of Paramount Network and one of the most popular shows on TV currently. While the show’s 3rd season got 7.6 million audiences in 2020, Yellowstone Season 4 premiere got 14.7 million audiences, almost doubled.
The beloved western drama Yellowstone focuses on John Dutton Jr. (Kevin Costner), a member of the sixth-generation Dutton family who controls a big farm in Montana.

The series displays the struggle and political intrigues to keep the Yellowstone ranch afloat and the family’s power.
Still, where to watch Yellowstone Season 4 is a matter of great curiosity for the fans of the series. Here are the curiosities about Yellowstone Season 4.

yellowstone season 4

Yellowstone Season 4

How to watch Yellowstone Season 4?

It’s obvious that Yellowstone has a huge fanbase. The show takes place in the wild west, is already in its 4th Season, and if you’re wondering how to watch Yellowstone Season 4, don’t you worry! The show is available on several streaming services in the US, such as Hulu+ Live TV, FuboTV. However, it’s not easy to watch the show outside of the US.

While you can watch the show on Paramount Network right now, the show will be soon available on Peacock. Yet, while the first three seasons of the show can be found on Peacock, NBCUniversal streaming service, the fourth season isn’t available to watch on Peacock until March 28.

It’s not possible to reach Peacock from all around the world. Still, there are some countries that are available to reach Peacock. It’s available now with no extra cost if you have Sky and NOW subscription from the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, and Italy.

In conclusion, based on all this, we can say that Yellowstone Season 4 will not air on Netflix.

Despite all this, it is a fact that there is a lot of demand for the series from many countries. This makes us think that the company will find a solution to provide access to the series outside of the mentioned countries.

yellowstone season 4

How to watch Yellowstone Season 4?

Yellowstone Season 4 Ending Explained!

All of us watched the series all in one breath. At the end of the day, the show came with a season final. What happened at the end of Yellowstone Season 4?

Since Beth decides to leave the ranch, Rip persuades her to talk to Rip and make her give up on leaving the ranch. Then Beth goes to see a man who organized the attacks on Duttons as we remember from Season 3 ending. Thus, she learned that his biological father Garrett Randall is one of the people behind these plans.

After that, she goes to see Jamie make him an offer. She gives him three choices, two of them are not really nice and the 3rd one is the one which the audience couldn’t hear. Then we find out that the 3rd one is killing Randall and Jamie does what she said.

Elsewhere Kayce, hallucinates a conversation with his dead brother Lee. After that, he tells Monica that he saw their end together in his vision.

Jimmy comes back to the ranch with Emily and introduces her as his fiance. Then, Jimmy decides to go back to the 6666 ranch with Emily. However, it seems there is more to resolve with Mia. We’ll see about that later.

One of the highlights of the Season 4 finale was Beth and Rip’s wedding- although it didn’t go as planned. Somehow, Season 4 is ended with question marks. Like Kayce’s vision, the faith of the ranch and Beth, Jamie’s role in the future after what he did. We will find all of these out at Yellowstone Season 5.

Yellowstone season 4

Yellowstone Season 4 ending explained

Yellowstone Season 4 Cast

Here is the Yellowstone Season 4 cast for who doesn’t know!

John Dutton – Kevin

Jamie Dutton – Wes Bently

Beth Dutton – Kelly Reilly

Kayce Dutton – Luke Grimes

Rip Wheeler – Cole Hauser

Monica – Asbille

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