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Heartstopper Cast – Ages, Partners, Characters

Heartstopper Cast - Ages, Partners, Characters
Heartstopper Cast

Netflix’s teen drama Heartstopper is just around the corner and the fans are excitedly anticipating the series to hit the streaming platform. The show will introduce many new faces, and we’re sure you’re interested to know about the Heartstopper cast. That’s why we’ll dig deeper into the rising stars of the upcoming TV show in this article.

The Netflix adaptation of Heartstopper by Alice Oseman

Heartstopper by Alice Oseman

To begin with, Heartstopper is a British LGBTQ+ teen coming-of-age streaming TV series that is based on the widely read webcomic and graphic novel of the same name by the renowned young adult literature author Alice Oseman. The story follows two teen boys, Charlie and Nick, who develop an unexpected romance out of their unlikely friendship.

Heartstopper Cast - Ages, Partners, Characters

Heartstopper Cast

Directed by the Welsh director Euros Lyn, Heartstopper will have eight episodes, and it will premiere on April 22, 2022. We’ve no doubt that you’ll race through this riveting drama starring young actors and actresses. Without further ado, let’s dive into the Heartstopper cast now.

Kit Connor

Heartstopper Cast - Kit Connor as Nick Nelson

Kit Connor as Nick Nelson

Kit Sebastian Connor is an 18-year-old British actor who made his feature film debut in the 2014 film Get Santa. He also appeared in other films such as Ready Player One, Rocketman, and Little Joe. Among his best-known TV performances, there are Rocket’s Island, War & Peace, and SS-GB. In addition, Connor has been involved the cast of the fantasy drama TV series His Dark Materials as the voice of the character Pantalaimon. In Heartstopper, he portrays one of the leading characters called Nick Nelson.

Kit Connor maintains a low-key life, so we don’t have concrete information about his relationship status.

Yasmin Finney

Heartstopper Cast - Yasmin Finney as Elle Argent

Yasmin Finney as Elle Argent

19-year-old British model and actress Yasmin Finney rose to fame for her role as Elle Argent in the upcoming Netflix series Heartstopper. She will also appear as Kelsa, a trans high school senior, in another LGBTQ+ project titled What If? In addition to her acting career that has recently begun, Finney has a ground-breaking TikTok account on which she shares her experiences growing up as a trans woman in Manchester.

Unfortunately, Yasmin Finney keeps her private life in secret, which is why we don’t know if she’s dating anyone.

Sebastian Croft

Heartstopper Cast - Sebastian Croft as Ben Hope

Sebastian Croft as Ben Hope

Sebastian Croft is a 20-year-old British actor. He made his TV debut as Newsie in Houdini & Doyle. Then, he appeared in Game of Thrones as Young Ned Stark. Love, Death & Robots, Penny Dreadful, and Doom Patrol are a few of the TV series he also took part in. Among the films he played, there are The Hippopotamus, and Horrible Histories: The Movie – Rotten Romans (which earned him a BAFTA nomination for his role as “Atti”). He is involved in the Heartstopper cast as Ben Hope.

According to reports, Croft isn’t dating anyone as of 2022.

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William Gao

Heartstopper Cast - William Gao as Tao Xu

William Gao as Tao Xu

William Gao, a 19-year-old British actor, is one of the new faces on the screens. He started his career as a theatre actor and was never seen onscreen until Heartstopper, in which he will make his TV debut with his role as Tao Xu, an ill-tempered guy and best friend of Charlie.

When it comes to his relationship status, people think he is still too young to be in a relationship with someone. According to reports, anyway, Gao is currently single.

Corinna Brown

Heartstopper Cast - Corinna Brown as Tara Jones

Corinna Brown as Tara Jones

Corinna Brown is a British actress who is known by the general public for her roles in the movies My Murder and Daphne, and in the TV series titled The Show Must Go Online. She will play Tara Jones in the upcoming teen drama Heartstopper.

Despite the fact that the fans are in wonder, Brown’s specific age and her relationship status are yet to be public. We think that her love life is kept private since she is so young.

Jenny Walser

Heartstopper Cast - Jenny Walser as Toni Spring

Jenny Walser as Toni Spring

Jenny Walser is a 27-year-old British actress. She made her first appearance on TV with her role as Louise Wrigley in the 2021 historical drama TV series Call the Midwife. She will star as Toni Spring in the Netflix drama Heartstopper, which will be released anytime soon.

Walser is rumored to be a member of the LGBTQ+ community, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet. By the way, there is no concrete information about her relationship status.

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