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Best Heartstopper Couples Ranked – Do You Ship Nick and Charlie?

Best Heartstopper Couples Ranked
Best Heartstopper Couples Ranked

In this article, we’ve listed the best Heartstopper couples whose love stories make us believe that love is the strongest feeling in the world. There are several love stories that melted our hearts in Heartstopper Season 1. It was both funny and sometimes dramatic to watch the teens struggle to figure out who they’re and who they love. However, on their journey of growing up, some of them happily found love. Still, they had to deal with a homophobic society because of their sexual orientation. But you know what they say, “love conquers all”.

1) Tara and Darcy

Best Heartstopper Couples Ranked

Tara and Darcy

One of our best Heartstopper couples is of course Tara and Darcy. Tara is rather introverted and hesitant about her sexuality. She wasn’t even aware that she was a lesbian until she kissed Darcy. Darcy, on the other hand, is extroverted and reveals her sexual orientation despite being berated by her family.

Our favorite lesbian couple had been together for a while and tried to go public in Heartstopper Season 1. In doing so, they encountered difficulties because of their sexual identity. Unfortunately, they had trouble with homophobic people who insulted them both at school and on social media when they came out. People lynched them for being lesbians when they shared their intimate photos on Instagram.

Tara was the one most affected by this gay hate, and she kept questioning going public. She thought that everything changed once they had come out. But luckily Darcy was always there for her and they overcame all the difficulties together. Remember the scene where Tara cries on Darcy’s shoulder because she was tired of the insults from the people in the room where they first kissed? That was definitely one of Tara and Darcy’s best moments.

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2) Elle and Tao

Best Heartstopper Couples Ranked

Elle and Tao

As Darcy Olsson once said, the best couples are the ones who’re best friends! Elle and Tao are also best friends who’re closer than any other group member of the BFFs. They always supported each other and loved spending time together. When Elle was transferred to a girls’ school, they missed each other a lot. Also, Tao couldn’t accept that Elle is gone. Remember how many times he went to get apple juice for her? He was so cute when he complained about buying juice for Elle constantly.

Elle, on the other hand, openly told Tara and Darcy that she had a crush on Tao. However, the fact that they were very close was evident from the fact that they were constantly messaging each other.

Elle looking at Tao in Heartstopper

Elle looking at Tao

We waited the entire 1st season for them to open up to each other. Still, neither of them was brave enough to confess that they had feelings for each other. In fact, at one point Elle tried to say that she had feelings for Tao, who also acknowledged his feelings for Elle at the end of the season. They even wanted to kiss, but it didn’t come to that. So for now, Elle and Tao are still friends, but we expect them to get closer in Heartstopper Season 2.

3) Nick and Charlie

Best Heartstopper Couples Ranked

Nick and Charlie

Nick and Charlie are undoubtedly one of the best Heartstopper couples and they are also the main characters of the graphic novels and the Netflix series. Having never questioned his sexuality before, everything changed for him when he got closer to Charlie. Nick was unsure of his sexual identity and Charlie was dating Ben Hope when they first met. Nick was protective of Charlie, who was bullied by his classmates for being gay, and so they became closer.

Best Heartstopper Couples Ranked

Nick and Charlie in Season 1

They kissed for the first time at Harry’s birthday party, but both felt uncomfortable after the kiss.

Luckily, after all the hurly-burly, the two got back together in the season finale. In the last minutes, Nick took Charlie to the seaside where they spent some time together. Nick finally showed that he was ready to go public with their relationship by kissing Charlie in public. He also came out to his mother about his sexual orientation and his relationship with Charlie. We’re curious to see what the lovebirds will experience in Heartstopper Season 2.

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