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7 Heartstopper Characters Ranked – Are you Team Nick or Charlie?

7 Heartstopper Characters Ranked - Are you Team Nick or Charlie?
Heartstopper Characters Ranked

With their character developments and their experiences, Heartstopper characters are just like us. Their stories are no different than ours, and perhaps that’s why we love them so much. Each of us finds ourselves in one of them when we watch the series. Moreover, they show the way to most teenagers who’ve the same difficulties in life. That’s why we made a ranking of the best Heartstopper characters, whose personalities and stories we’ll highlight here.

1) Charlie Spring

Heartstopper Characters Ranked - Charlie Spring

Charlie Spring

Charlie Spring ranks #1 among Heartstopper characters because he’s the most lovable protagonist of the series. His past traumas, such as being bullied by his classmates because of his sexual identity and being harassed by Ben, have caught the viewers’ attention. Besides his likable and friendly personality, his way of dealing with his inner and outer problems undoubtedly made him a fan favorite.

Full of insecurities and self-doubt, Charlie hasn’t given up on himself and who he’s. And after meeting Nick, he becomes a confident person who stands up for himself.

2) Nick Nelson

Heartstopper Characters Ranked - Nick Nelson

Nick Nelson

When it comes to ranking Heartstopper characters, it’s not possible for us to choose the best one between the two main protagonists, namely Charlie and Nick. Even though Nick takes 2nd place on our list, we believe that he’s the “2nd best” character of the series.

Having never thought about his sexuality, it wasn’t easy for Nick to open up after he fell in love with Charlie. Eventually, he came to the conclusion that he’s bisexual. Moreover, at the end of the season, he took Charlie to the seaside and kissed him in public, which proved that he was ready to reveal his sexual orientation. Later in the season finale, he also opened up to his mother and told her about his relationship with Charlie. Therefore, Nick’s character development is definitely one of the most important stories in the series.

3) Elle Argent

Heartstopper Characters Ranked - Elle Argent

Elle Argent

Elle’s story as a transgender teenager has attracted viewers’ attention since the beginning of Season 1, when she was transferred to an all-girls school. As best friends with Charlie and Tao, Elle missed them a lot at first, but she managed to settle in at her new school and make two new friends, Darcy and Tara, who supported her from the beginning.

Elle is one of the bravest Heartstopper characters, who becomes completely herself over the course of the season and loves herself for who she’s.

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4) Tao Xu

Heartstopper Characters Ranked - Tao Xu

Tao Xu

Tao is such a loyal and helpful friend that you’d love to count him among your best friends in real life. At the beginning of the 1st season, we see him protecting Charlie from being bullied by Ben, and as the season progresses, he even becomes skeptical of Nick to protect his friend.

His relationship with Elle is one of the other reasons people love Heartstopper. The two are best friends who miss each other when Elle was transferred. Tao kept buying juices for Elle at school for a while after she left, which made him so lovable and caring. Their relationship continued to develop throughout the season and we believe that the two will confess their love to each other in Season 2.

5) Tara Jones

Heartstopper Characters Ranked - Tara Jones

Tara Jones

Tara is Darcy’s girlfriend and one of Elle’s best friends. Unlike Darcy, Tara is introverted and she was the one who was most affected by the gay hate and kept questioning going public. She thought everything would change when they came out, and it wasn’t easy for her to deal with the lesbian lynch. But luckily, with Darcy’s support, she managed to accept herself for who she’s by the end of the season.

She’s a harmless and lovable Heartstopper character who supports and encourages those around her.

6) Imogen Heaney

Heartstopper Characters Ranked - Imogen Heaney

Imogen Heaney

Imogen Heaney is a newly introduced character in the Netflix series, as she didn’t appear in the Heartstopper graphic novel itself. Initially, we thought she was a mean girl, but she turned out to be a nice girl who’s a crush on Nick. Although he agreed to go out with her, Nick didn’t want to break her heart and confessed that he has no romantic interest in her. Imogen, on the other hand, was frustrated that Nick wasn’t into her, but she was also happy that he’s happy with Charlie.

7) Mr. Lange Heartstopper

Heartstopper Characters Ranked - Mr Lange

Mr Lange

Along with the other teachers Mr. Ajayi and Coach Singh, Mr. Lange, played by Alan Turkington, is one of the teachers at the school. He only appears in two episodes, “Meet” and “Friend,” so we can’t go into more detail about his character yet.

Who’s your favorite character in Heartstopper? Do you side with Nick or with Charlie? Let’s know what you think in the comments.

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