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Every Ozark Season Ranked – Is Ozark Season 4 the Best?

Every Ozark Season Ranked - Is Ozark Season 4 the Best?
Every Ozark Season Ranked

How time flies! Our favorite crime drama Ozark said goodbye to us with the 2nd half of Season 4, which aired on April 29, 2022. As we try to get used to a world without Ozark, we’ve been reflecting on each Ozark season and ranking them by fan favorites. Let’s see which season of Ozark is the best!

1. Ozark Season 3

Every Ozark Season Ranked - Ozark Season 3

Ozark Season 3

According to Rotten Tomatoes, Season 3 is #1 on the list, as it’s a 98% rating from critics, although it’s a slightly lower 86% rating from the audience.

In Season 3, we see Marty and Wendy running their riverboat casino, “The Missouri Belle.” They’ve also made their peace with the Kansas City mafia, and Ruth is in charge of the daily operations. They serve to legitimize and protect the casino’s business, which is especially important while Marty searches for a FBI mole in their ranks.

When it comes to the best episode, the Season 3 finale is the fan favorite. The episode is full of twists and turns and shows how Marty struggles to keep his family from falling apart while Wendy has to deal with her personal demons.

Ozark Season 4 Part 1

Every Ozark Season Ranked - Ozark Season 4 Part 1

Ozark Season 4 Part 1

The two-part structure of the last season divided fans’ opinions about the 4th season of the series. Some claim that the 1st part is better, while others find the 2nd part better. As for the overall rating of Season 4, it was rated 84% by critics and 83% by viewers. Now let’s take a look at Part 1.

The last episode of the season, “Sanctified,” was probably one of the best episodes of Ozark. In “Sanctified,” Wyatt tells Ruth that he can’t come to her in the Ozarks because he wants to marry Darlene and give her custody of Zeke.

Darlene was wounded in the chest while Wyatt was shot in the head, which was the most shocking event of the episode. Marty and Wendy, on the other hand, remain silent about Wyatt’s death. Jonah is the one who informs Ruth that Javier Elizonndro murdered Wyatt, which drives her crazy.

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3. Ozark Season 2

Every Ozark Season Ranked - Ozark Season 2

Ozark Season 2

Season 2 has a fantastic rating of 90% among viewers at Rotten Tomates. The critics, on the other hand, have rated the season at 76%. So for the fan base, it’s probably the best season, but the critics disagree.

The Byrdes’ fight for their lives continues in the 2nd season. They try to reconcile their family’s interests, while the dangers from their alliances with the power-hungry Snells, the cartel, and Ruth Langmore, whose father Cade has been released from prison, continue to grow. The stakes are much higher than before, and the Byrdes quickly realize that they must give their all to win.

We believe that the producers of Ozark like to surprise their audience in the season finale and keep them in suspense until the next season, because often the last episodes of the seasons are the most endearing ones. In this sense, episode 10, “The Gold Coast”, is the most popular episode of the season with a rating of 8.9 on IMDb.

4. Ozark Season 1

Every Ozark Season Ranked - Ozark Season 1

Ozark Season 1

Season 1 was a great success, as it was rated 91% by the viewers, but the critics weren’t quite as satisfied with a Tomatometer rating of 70%. However, we think that it’s not the worst season of Ozark, as it introduced us to the captivating storyline that we’ll be offered throughout the series. Moreover, it was a breath of fresh air for us, the viewers who’ve long longed for a successful crime drama and have seen the best crime dramas of all time, such as Breaking Bad, Prison Break, Better Call Saul and many more.

The story of the 1st season is about The Byrde moving to the Ozarks to launder money for a Mexican drug cartel through a major money laundering operation.

The season finale, “The Toll,” is the most popular episode of Ozark with a rating of 9.1 on IMDb.

5 Ozark Season 4 Part 2

Every Ozark Season Ranked - Ozark Season 4 Part 2

Ozark Season 4 Part 2

Here’s the farewell to the legendary series Ozark: Season 4 Part 2. For most fans, it was heartbreaking to say goodbye to their most beloved series of all time, but the story of The Byrde has come to an end. According to IMDb ratings, the second half of the series wasn’t as popular with fans as the first.

Besides Javi, Nelson and Omar Navarro, Ruth is also killed in the last chapter, and her death was probably one of the most shocking and heartbreaking events of the finale. The Byrdes, on the other hand, seem free to remake their lives, having fulfilled their deal with FBI and the cartel.

“A Hard Way to Go”, the last episode, has the lowest rating on IMDb among the other episodes of the entire season 4 with 7.1 points. Moreover, the ratings of the last seven episodes are lower than those of the first half, suggesting that Ozark couldn’t satisfy its audience with the finale.

So, we conclude that Ozark Season 4 isn’t the fans’ favorite season. What’s your favorite season of Ozark? Let’s know your opinion in the comments.

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  1. Marko Laakkonen

    June 10, 2022 at 8:38 pm

    Season 4 was a let down, with close-ups of actors’ faces reminiscent of daytime soap operas. Especially the teens were lame in their performance and the storyline just didn’t add up. Not to mention the finale and the final shot, literally. Come on, was that the best you could think of? Season three was from a different planet. Here and there I could see traces of the Finnish director Aki Kaurismäki, especially in the dialogoue.

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