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Cafe Minamdang Cast – Ages, Partners, Characters

Cafe Minamdang Cast - Ages, Partners, Characters
Cafe Minamdang Cast

Café Minamdang hit the screens in South Korea on June 27, 2022, and is also available to stream on Netflix. Although only the first episode is available so far, the series has been highly praised and received a rating of 8.3 on IMDb! By the way, The Cafe Minamdang cast is one of the main reasons why people love the series so much. That’s why, in this article, we’ll take a closer look at the cast of the South Korean series.

Before we turn to the Cafe Minamdang cast, here is a brief summary of the series’ plot for those who haven’t seen it yet: The series tells the story of a suspicious cafe called Minamdang and its customers, as well as the mysterious events experienced by a former profiler turned shaman and his colleagues.

Oh Yeon-seo

Cafe Minamdang Cast - Oh Yeon-seo as Han Jae-hee

Oh Yeon-seo as Han Jae-hee

Oh Yeon-seo is a 35-year-old well-known actress who is best known for her roles in TV series such as Shine or Go Crazy, My Sassy Girl and Korean Odyssey. However, she got her breakthrough with the role of Bang Mal-sook in the series My Husband Got a Family in 2012. The talented actress also appeared in a number of movies, including A Blood Pledge, Cheese in the Trap and Happy Killers. Multi-award-winning Oh Yeon-seo plays a third-year righteous homicide detective named Han Jae-hee in Café Minamdang.

The beautiful actress was dating actor Kim Bum in 2018, from whom she broke up a few months after announcing their relationship.

Seo In-guk

Cafe Minamdang Cast - Seo In-guk as Nam Han-joon

Seo In-guk as Nam Han-joon

Seo In-guk is a 34-year-old actor and singer who began his singing career after winning the Korean reality show Superstar K in 2009 and has since released several albums. He came to prominence with acting in 2012 with his role in the TV series Reply 1997. After that, he starred in TV series such as Shopping King Louie, Hello Monster and Master’s Sun. In the series Café Minamdang, he is seen in the role of Nam Han-joon. He plays a handsome profiler who turns into a con man with a shamanic heresy.

According to reports, Seo In-guk isn’t currently dating anyone.

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Kwon Soo-hyun

Cafe Minamdang Cast - Kwon Soo-hyun as Cha Do-won

Kwon Soo-hyun as Cha Do-won

The 35-year-old actor Kwon Soo-hyun made his TV debut with his role in the series Run, Jang-mi in 2014, after which he has starred in several other TV series such as High Society, Queen of Mystery, and Doom at Your Service. The actor has acted in three movies so far, the titles of which are Dangerously Excited, The Age of Shadows and Misbehavior in chronological order. The aspiring actor says that he looks up to actor Park Hae-il as a role model, whom we know for his role in the blockbuster Memories of Murder. Kwon Soo-hyun plays an intelligent prosecutor named Cha Do-won in Café Minamdang.

Although Kwon Soo-hyun is keeping quiet about his personal life, we assume that he isn’t currently dating anyone.

Kang Mi-na

Cafe Minamdang Cast - Kang Mi-na as Nam Hye-joon

Kang Mi-na as Nam Hye-joon

Kang Mi-na, who’s also known as Mina, is probably the youngest member of the Cafe Minamdang cast at the age of 22. Despite being so young, she is quite good as a singer and actress. She made her acting debut in 2017 in the TV series Children of the 20th Century, after which she starred in many other series such as Tale of Fairy, Hotel Del Luna and recently in Moonshine. In Café Minamdang, Mina plays the role of Nam Hye-joon, Han-joon’s younger sister and also a former National Intelligence Service (NIS) ace.

According to reports, the aspiring actress isn’t currently dating anyone.

Baek Seo-hoo

Cafe Minamdang Cast - Baek Seo-hoo as Jonathan

Baek Seo-hoo as Jonathan

Baek Seo-hoo is a 25-year-old actor and singer best known for his appearance on the Korean reality show World Klass under the name Han Jun. He made his TV debut with his role in the TV miniseries Love Revolution. After that, he appeared in two other TV shows titled Color Rush and Idol: The Coup, apart from his recent role in Café Minamdang as Jonathan, a part-time employee at Minamdang Café.

Baek Seo-hoo is a person who doesn’t like to be in the spotlight. Therefore, there isn’t much information about his personal life. According to reports, though,he is reportedly single.

Kwak Si-yang

Cafe Minamdang Cast - Kwak Si-yang as Gong Soo-cheol

Kwak Si-yang as Gong Soo-cheol

The 35-year-old actor Kwak Si-yang has starred in several movies and TV series since he started his acting career in 2014. Some of the TV series he has starred in include Oh My Ghost, Chicago Typewriter, Welcome 2 Life. Familyhood, The Witness and The Battle of Jangsari are just some of the movies the actor has starred in. He also co-starred with Baek Seo-hoo in the TV series Idol: The Coup. In Café Minamdang, the actor plays a character who has a dual personality. Kwak Si-yang embodies the character Gong Soo-cheol, who is a barista at Minamdang by day and a homicide detective by night.

The actor is not dating anyone as of 2022.

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