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Big Mouth Season 7 Release Date, Trailer – Everything We Know!

Big Mouth
Big Mouth

Big Mouth is the story of a couple of middle schoolers going through puberty. It’s a fan favorite and has been going on for 6 seasons! The group of 7th graders including Nick and Andrew try to navigate their way through sexual awakenings, puberty, masturbation, and more! They also have hormone monsters acting as over-sexualized shoulder angels and all through the series, the kids interact with people and objects.

The show premiered on Netflix back on September 29, 2017. After the 3rd Season, Netflix renewed the show all through Season 6. The latest season of the show premiered on October 28, 2022. All through its run, Big Mouth received critical acclaim and the writing, animation, and humor of the show were always praised. So, it’s no surprise that the fans want more! Let’s dig deep to find out if the show is returning for Season 7!

Big Mouth Season 7 Release Date


Big Mouth Season 7

Season 6 of Big Mouth has been another season of troublemaking for our lovely teenagers. Folks we’re happy to announce that the adult-animated comedy series will be back for Season 7! The series was created by Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett. It’s loosely based on Kroll and Goldberg’s experiences throughout their youth. The renewal of the series came in early 2022 right after its spin-off series Human Resources was released on Netflix.

We do not have an official release date as of November 2022. When asked about it, cast member Brandon Kyle said that we can “expect the same irreverence, dirtiness, and even more vulnerability and heart from the families.” The past seasons focused more on the kids and their lives, but Season 7 will explore the families as well. New cast members will also join the original cast!

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Big Mouth Season 6 Ending Explained


Big Mouth Season 6

As the years progressed Big Mouth became more and more popular with a huge fan base. Season 6 goes back to the roots of the show, and we realize how much the main characters have changed over the years. The focus is on everyone around the main characters and how their actions affect them. So, here’s what happened in the final episode of Season 6.

We have a body swap caused by each character’s height of emotions. Nick swaps with his grandfather and Andrew swaps with his father while Jessie takes her baby sister Delilah’s place. This way, they all learn what it feels like to live in another’s shoes and not take life for granted. They all learn what makes everyone around them tick and realizations happen all around. To be honest it’s one of the best episodes of the entire series and rises the anticipation for Season 7! Personally, I can’t wait!

Is Big Mouth for Kids?


Is Big Mouth for Kids?

Big Mouth is described as an “adult animated TV series” because of its main focus. The show centers around puberty, masturbation, and sexual awakenings. It’s officially rated +17. Most of the viewers are young people learning about the things in life that are told on the show. Most of them comment that Big Mouth helped them deal with puberty in real life. Most parents think the same as well.

There are still some controversies surrounding it. People also have strong opinions on why it’s not appropriate for kids, and the subjects mentioned on it are very controversial. I think it’s safe to say that kids 13 and up may watch the show under supervision. The subjects mentioned may need to be discussed and explained to the middle schooler watching, and it should be done in a safe place for the young viewer. The show’s parental guide must be taken into consideration. Well, we’ll see you when we find out more about the upcoming season of Big Mouth!

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Big Mouth follows a group of 7th graders, as they navigate their way through puberty. Best friends Nick Birch and Andrew Glouberman and their...

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Big Mouth is an animated series following a group of 7th graders. We watch them struggle their way out of puberty, masturbation, and sexual...