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Best Yellowstone Couples Ranked – Are Beth and Rip the Best?

Best Yellowstone Couples Ranked
Best Yellowstone Couples Ranked

In addition to the hustle and bustle that takes place in the Paramount cowboy series Yellowstone, there are also tender and heartfelt moments of the couples in the series. The series shows realistic stories about the problems of the couples with each other and with the outside world, while it also gave us the opportunity to watch the romantic affairs between them. In this article, we’ve gathered the best Yellowstone couples. Let’s get started right away!

1) Kayce and Monica

Best Yellowstone Couples Ranked - Kayce and Monica

Kayce and Monica

One of the best Yellowstone couples is Kayce and Monica. Aside from the challenges in their own relationship, the two have overcome a number of obstacles together that have made their relationship so enduring. Because of the rivalry between the Dutton Ranch and the Broken Rock Reservation, Monica has had issues with her father-in-law, John Dutton. This inevitably had a negative impact on the couple’s relationship. So Monica and Tate had to live on the reservation for a while, where they were separated from both Kayce and the Duttons.

Still, it wasn’t easy for either of them to stay away because they love each other so much. Despite all odds, the couple eventually found a way to get along. However, their future is now uncertain. Looking at the tragic ending of Yellowstone Season 4, it’s clear that Kayce is torn between the Duttons and his wife. His decisions will decide the future of their relationship.

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2) Beth and Rip

Best Yellowstone Couples Ranked - Beth and Rip

Beth and Rip

Beth and Rip are probably one of the most passionate Yellowstone couples. They’ve a special bond because they met each other when they were kids. Plus, as die-hard Yellowstone fans know, they’ve been through a lot together. However, what makes their relationship even better is the fact that they’ve always been there for each other in difficult moments. They were also able to work through their past traumas and move on, Beth’s abortion, for example.

Of course, the couple had their ups and downs, especially when Beth thought Rip was taking advantage of her. But thanks to the deep love they’ve for each other, they managed to create a bond that can’t be broken.

3) John and Summer

Best Yellowstone Couples Ranked - John and Summer

John and Summer

An environmental and animal rights activist from Montana who opposes industrialized farming and animal slaughter, Summer is the complete opposite of John and the Duttons in general. She first appeared in the 5th episode of the last season of Yellowstone. John bailed her out, even though she threw a rock at Kayce during the protest.

Apparently, the two are attracted to each other. They even spent a night at the ranch, but Beth pulled a knife out of Summer when she ran into her in the kitchen. So you could say that the Duttons don’t like Summer, but it’s clear that John does very much. So, it’s likely that John and Summer’s relationship will develop into a romantic affair in the next season of Yellowstone.

4) Teeter and Colby

Best Yellowstone Couples Ranked - Teeter and Colby

Teeter and Colby

Because of her energetic personality, Teeter has been the flirty one in Teeter and Colby’s relationship from the beginning. Nevertheless, we’d long felt that Colby had feelings for Teeter as well. He just needed a trigger to open up.

Teeter was attacked by Wade Morrow and his son in Season 3 and seriously injured the day they went skinny dipping in the river. The dramatic scene where the two come together represents a turning point in Yellowstone as far as Teeter and Colby’s relationship is concerned. They finally get closer and Colby kisses Teeter! We think the two will get even closer next season.

5) Jimmy and Mia

Best Yellowstone Couples Ranked - Jimmy and Mia

Jimmy and Mia

Probably the unluckiest of the Yellowstone couples are Jimmy and Mia. Their relationship was quite new when Jimmy was involved in a terrible accident that left him on the verge of paralysis. However, Mia patiently stood by him as he returned to normalcy and seemed open to a long-term relationship. Jimmy, on the other hand, had to go to the 6666 Ranch in Texas in order to keep his word he gave to John. He left Mia behind at the ranch and went to 6666, where he met and dated veterinarian’s assistant Emily. The end of their relationship has saddened most fans. But we’re still hopeful for the two. What do you think?

6) John and Evelyn

Best Yellowstone Couples Ranked - John and Evelyn

John and Evelyn

John was married to Evelyn, who’s the mother of his three children. Unfortunately, their love couldn’t last forever because Evelyn was tragically killed in a horse riding accident when she was riding out with Kayce, Jamie and Beth. So we only see her in flashbacks. The loss of his wife leaves John Dutton deeply lonely and makes it difficult for him to move on for a long time. We see him have a casual affair with Lynelle Perry, the governor of Montana, until the 4th season in which he met Summer.

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about Evelyn and her relationship with John, which is why we keep wondering what their relationship would be like if Evelyn hadn’t tragically died.

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